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Dubin to Galway: Train and Bus Question

Hi all,

My itinerary is finally shaping up for the end of April into early May. Two things I hope you can help me with!

  1. I am traveling with a group of 4 people (my husband and my parents). We land in Dublin on Sunday, April 26 at 5:15am. Our plan is to clear customs, get luggage, etc. and take the first available bus to Galway. How much time would you allow for all of this and to get to the bus without a rush? Do we need to buy our tickets in advance or is it possible to purchase in person?

  2. The plan is to then head back to Dublin from Galway on Friday, May 1. The idea was to take the train, but looking online it seems all trains are sold out? Or do they not run due to the holiday? I'm not certain on my end and I guess we will take the bus back if we have to, but was really hoping to take the train at least one way.

Thank you!!

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To your second question, looks like advance tickets haven't gone on sale yet, most likely as the timetable isn't finalised for that weekend. Try again in a few weeks. With regard to the airport timing, I've heard one hour recommended but I'll defer to others who have direct experience.