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DUB...which terminal and car rental

When going to Ireland we are flying Delta and arriving at DUB. We want to rent a car at the airport but how do i know which terminal we will arrive in? I ask because when looking at car rental it asks what terminal we are arriving in and online it looks like Delta could arrive in T2 or T5.

We need an automatic car and I am wondering if there is a company to rent from that is better than the other for reliability and a sure automatic rental.

This will be our first time in Ireland and there is two of us traveling. We are used to driving large SUVs and since rumor has it that a smaller vehicle in Ireland is best, do you have any suggestions on the best sized vehicle to rent. Economy or compact seem so small to me but since we are slender people and won't have a lot of luggage, maybe these sizes are best suited for Ireland roads. Suggestions?

Thank you-

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I’m pretty sure DUB only has two terminals and that you will arrive at terminal 2, the international terminal, I haven’t rented a car at the airport but my understanding is that you take a shuttle bus to the car park. The size of car is up to you. We usually rent the smallest even for 3 adults since we travel pretty light.

Edit to add: we’ve used conn’s Ireland multiple times and have always gotten the car we requested, the smallest automatic. We pick it up at the Dublin south circular road location and return it to the airport. No extra drop charges. Super CDW is included for the quoted rate. Tires and I think wheel protection is extra. Maybe 5-6 euros/day.

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You take a shuttle bus to the car rental area. I also rented thru Conn's.

You dont need the smallest car, because then the horsepower is lacking, but I wouldnt be driving a huge SUV either. you'll have trouble parking it and the rural roads are TINY. I also rented an automatic. Conn's uses Hertz, but he includes all of the insurance except Tire & Glass which was 6 euro/day so there will be no surprises when you get there. Also an SUV would be $$$$$. Just be prepared for sticker shock when renting a car in Ireland. You can pass on the insurance, but then they will put a huge hold on your credit card. So beware.

I am going in July with my daughter and I went last April with a friend, so 2 people both trips and I rented a Compact Automatic, which is a Ford Focus or similar. It was plenty of room for 2 people + luggage.

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I rented from Avis at DUB and they too have automatics.

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We had a car for 28 days last year in Ireland. It’s expensive so I did extensive research on rentals. In the end I went through, a consolidator, to get an automatic transmission car with Alamo. Our experience with Alamo was excellent. If you plan to drive in Northern Ireland make sure the rental company knows this. Some charge extra for that although with Alamo it was included. You will also pay a daily surcharge to add an extra driver. As you’ve been advised get the smallest automatic transmission offered. The roads are narrow and you’ll be glad you did. Have fun!

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Nat definitely get the smallest car you can stand....with little luggage you will be happy with a compact or even smaller! We ended up with a "city car" four door that was great, some folks may get claustrophobic in this but it was perfect for us, total of two suitcases and two back packs was an easy fit with the back seat open since there were only two of us. We used Hertz and the vehicle was a "Seat" brand, not one I was familiar with but I think its a Volkswagon. I was concerned we might not have enough power for the main highway or mountains out west but it was just perfect. Easy to park being a big plus as Ireland parking can be tight. The hatchback was great and our suitcase was concealed when the hatch was closed. You might take a look a Google Earth street view for some idea of how the roads leading out of DUB will be configured and how the busy roundabouts work....going clockwise of course. I struggled a bit because where we picked up the car was not exactly in the rental lot I expected but having seen the roads around the airport we worked it out. The smaller car with the short wheelbase also was useful for missed turns as we could just swing around and head back to the proper turn, roads come up on you fast over there!!!