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DUB connections


Wondering if anyone has recent experience self-transferring (flights booked separately) through Dublin airport. How much time between flights would you advise between an arriving flight from the US and a connecting flight within Europe (on a different airline)?

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What time of year? (Is weather likely to cause a disruption?)

What options are you looking at, time wise?

If an airline does not offer a single ticket booking for what you are contemplating, you should take that as an indication it is not a good idea as a DIY two ticket booking.

With the limited info, anything less than 3 hours look$ to be more ri$k than I could tolerate.

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July. I just bought separate tickets through CDG, left plenty of time between (about 3 hours) and we sailed through smoothly and had lots of extra time. Don't know if we just got lucky. Don't want to cut it too close, but not sure you need that much time for flights within Europe.