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DUB car rental cost/insurance coverage

Through the suggestion of many on this website we are looking at Conn's online for an automatic car rental with pick-up at DUB. I feel as though the online rate is not as high as I anticipated or am finding on other websites so I want to make sure that I am not missing something and want to avoid surprise charges at the time of rental. This is my first time renting a car in a country different from mine.

I'm comparing identical vehicle classes and making sure both are automatic cars. Conn's is far less and it appears to have a lot of insurance...where other rentals don't seem to have the coverage included. What am i missing? Why is the price so much less?

My husband and I both want to be able to drive so we need to plan for the extra driver fee and I know that is not included.

The insurance that appears to be included with Conn's-
- Collision Damage Waiver
- Theft Protection
- Super Cover
- Personal Accident Insurance
- Location Service Charge
- Unlimited Mileage
- Tax
- 3rd party liability
Apparently there is also a zero deductible, zero fuel charges or hidden charges.

Do we need separate wheel and tire coverage? What else is missing?

We are American Express cardholders and according to Am Ex, they provide comprehensive and collision insurance in Ireland with the full rental charged on this card. There is no liability ins for other cars damaged and injury, so we would need that coverage. Does anyone have experience with Am Ex insurance and if so, did you still get rental company ins.?

Size of rental- my husband is tall and we are both fit people and I am wondering what vehicle might be best for us. We will have 2 suitcases and 2 backpacks and will be driving all over Ireland. I feel like an economy car might be too small and am wondering if a compact will move fast enough on faster roads. Is a standard too big? We are used to large SUVs but realize the narrow roads are easiest with smaller vehicles.

Please help-

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We purchased "wheel and tire" coverage and were pleased that we did. Those stone curbs on the narrow country roads when you're leaning away from a bus will getcha.

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Natalie, re: car size. Get the smallest 4- door automatic transmission you can. Trust me you'll be glad you did. We drove a Toyota Yaris 4-dr hatchback for four weeks with two rollaboard suitcases, two backpacks and a set of golf clubs. I don't know the car class (we rented from Alamo) or the equivalent US Toyota model. But on the narrow roads with no shoulder, we were grateful for a small car. It had plenty of pickup and even on "faster" roads it was fine.

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I would say a standard is probably more space than you need. We used Conn's last June and rented an intermediate. Which ended up being a Skoda Octavia. We had 3 in our group and even that was plenty of space, although not unmanageable on the roads. Wheel and tire was about 6 Euro a day and worth it. We picked up something and punctured a tire. The insurance was great too. I dug a nice scratch into the side of the car from a rock wall and it was no issue. Just had to file a paper saying I swiped a wall and gave them back the keys, and that was the end of that.
We also had the option of bringing the car back as close to empty of fuel as we dare. That was around 60 Euro but worth it for us to just drop off and not stress about messing with it while getting to airport. Other than the wheel/tire and fuel option, his quote was exactly what he said it would be. He is very helpful as well if you have any questions.

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Check out Auto Europe. The same compact rental car I just booked through Auto Europe/Hertz vs. one available through Conn's with the same $0 ++ deductible insurance coverage was a lot cheaper through Auto Europe/Hertz. The car I rented was a VW Golf. I would have rented a VW Polo but it came without air conditioning. If that is important to you, be sure to confirm before you rent. If you made a mistake you can always change it through Auto Europe, as I did. I also booked a car in France through Auto Europe/Hertz for additional savings.