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Dressing for Ireland

We went on a RSE tour to Ireland in June, loved it, highly recommend it. The weather in Ireland is very consistent in its inconsistency. On a daily basis, literally at one point it was 55 degrees light rain cloudy and fairly breezy, seemed very cold and two hours later it was 70 and sunny and seemed hot. We found that if you bring a non lined water proof windbreaker of the brand of your choice (Eddie Bauer, Marmot, North Face, etc) and bring a thin down vest, I got ours at Eddie Bauer, it worked great for outerwear flexibility. The beauty of it was the vest folds up into its pocket and easily fits into your day bag like a little pillow. Also brought an Under Armor long sleeve shirt to layer as well. Great trip but the fluctuations in the weather in hours is something you have to be ready for.

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We left Ireland Saturday after nearly a month in County Tipperary. The weather was typical Irish, from what the locals told us. Daytime temps ranged from mid to upper 60s and nighttime temps upper 50s. Some rain showers periodically but rarely lasting all day. Sunny at times, not sunny at times. We wore light sweaters most days. And the hillsides were bright green. Lovely place and we miss it!

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We’re going mid September on RS Heart of Ireland tour. Been reading about water resistant boots. Do we really need boots for our tour? I have comfortable Allbirds I can walk in for days that dry quickly. Thoughts and ideas? Thank you. Meg

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Those Allbirds may dry quickly, but would you be comfortable in them while they're wet? Muddy? Walking through wet grass? Mud puddles? On slick and uneven cobblestones?

I haven't been on an Ireland tour yet, but I hope to go next year. Based the tour itineraries and on my experience in the UK, especially Scotland and Orkney, when I do go I'll be wearing one of 2 pairs of rainproof, over the ankle, lightweight hiking boots as my daily footwear with my favorite Sockwell socks. The last thing I need is to slip and turn my ankle or fall.

Either these Tevas.

Or these Ahnus.

With these Sockwell socks.

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We’ve been in June and September. Some rain each time, often pretty heavy, sometimes a shower for an hour and sometimes most of the day, with heavy wind (last September, blowing the rain sideways).

If you’re touring beyond cities with sidewalks, venturing into a field to view an ancient dolmen, stone cross, or other item up close, something else your footwear may encounter is sheep droppings, so a cleanable sole isn’t the worst thing to have.