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Doing laundry

Planning 14 days in Ireland starting the first week of May 2022. I'm guessing we might need to do laundry about halfway through, which would put us somewhere around Doolin. I've read about Revolution Laundrettes scattered around the country, with both positive and negative reviews. Has anyone used them recently?
Thanks for input.

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Are you on a tour? If so, the Dingle hotel is the stop for laundry usually....

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Thanks for asking this question. I can use what I learned on my hoped-for trip to Ireland this year.

I looked up Revolution Laundry. There are pictures which may or may not be what you are expecting. This is the link to learn about and locate their facilities:

Put Doolin, County Clare, Ireland in the Search Location box and you will get one result for the closest one to Doolin. Expand the map and you'll see others in the area.

Note that the orange pointer goes to the location you searched and the red pointers go to the locations where you can do your laundry. Blue dots with numbers appear to indicate how many facilities are "near" the location you searched. There's lots of detail for each facilty.

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Halfway through your trip stay at a hotel with laundry service. Easy peasy.

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Unless you are very active and sweaty (unlikely in early May) or feel the need to wear fresh clothing every day, you should be able to get by for 14 days without having to do laundry. If you need to wash under garments or socks only, pick up a small bottle of detergent and wash them in the sink. Your hotel should be able to recommend a local self-service launderette if you don’t like the reviews your seeing.

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I have not used a laundry in Doolin. However, seeking out and scheduling the different types of laundry services is an integral part of my trip packing plan. I would investigate KathsClean Laundrette and Dry Cleaning Services which is located in Ennistymon (Ennistimon?), Ireland which is about a 20 min drive south of your mentioned destination. Their website indicates that they have been in business for over 30 years. Another option would be to check with your hotel staff (along the way) for recommendations. They have been a great source for connections that are not listed. Enjoy your trip!

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That's really good information.Thank you! We will be staying in B&Bs, so they might be able to help us, too.