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Do Americans still need PCR tests on Aer Lingus

The rules changed on 7/19 and now the Lingus website has two different sets of instructions. We leave tomorrow and so we would need to test today if it’s still required. I’ve been assured by their customer service agents on the phone that we don’t need The tests if we have proof of vaccination, but I have nothing in writing and so worried.

1) This one says you must have a RT-PCR to travel - 2) This one says that if you are from the US, you just must have proof of vaccination and so no test is needed

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Hi Kevin,

I went on that particular section of Aer lingus and was reading through it.

Further review on the Aer lingus website is this:

[Passengers arriving into Ireland from outside EU/EEA

From 19 July, Ireland will also broadly align itself to the EU approach to non-essential travel into the EU from third countries.

This includes passengers arriving from the UK and the USA.

An 'Emergency Brake' mechanism will be coordinated at EU level to react
swiftly to the emergence of a variant of concern or variant of interest.]

I will agree it seems to be confusing or conflicting information.

Have you had any success in calling the airline directly?

If you have AAA insurance or roadside, maybe their travel agent coordinator can answer that since they need to be up on current travel information.

Or, since you're only a day away from travel you can get the test today to be on the safe side. If you don't need it, well...but if you do as of tomorrow, you will save yourself a lot of stress and worry.

Adding I see that you have spoken to a CSR. I would call a couple more times to see if they all are in alignment with the policies right now.

Or, as I suggested, you can get the test for peace of mind.

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Thanks, the country rules seem pretty clear and the Lingus site does have those updated. I was just worried that the airline would impose an additional requirement. I am picturing myself arguing with a gate agent - I show the country requirements and they reference the line on their site that says tests required.

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Update on check-in at O’Hare. The CDC vax cards worked fine (as that was what required by our destination countries). The thing that held up the line was people not filling out the Passenger Locator forms. We needed it for Dublin and our final destination (which we had) I’m guessing anyone reading these forums would have done the prep as well. Many people in line did not.