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Derry vs Belfast - opinions?

Hi all, we have a 3-week trip to Ireland in June. We've figured out most of the first couple of weeks, but are trying to decide how to spend the last part in Northern Ireland. Specifically, we have 3 nights for Derry and Belfast and were assuming we'd want 2 nights in Belfast since it's a bigger city. Now I'm wondering if we'd rather spend 2 nights in Derry instead. We're interested in seeing some of the history of the troubles, especially murals, etc... It sounds like both cities have that. I know Belfast has the Titanic museum, which I'm curious about, but isn't a must-do. Here's what we have sketched out currently:

Day 14 Inishmor

Day 15 Donegal - drive from Rossaveel (Ferry) to Donegal, see Cong? Sligo/Strandhill?

Day 16 Derry - from Donegal to Derry, see Slieve League??, Glenveagh National Park??

Day 17 Belfast - From Derry to Belfast see Giant's Causeway

Day 18 Belfast - Spend a day in Belfast

Day 19 Dublin - From Belfast to Dublin, stop in at Lowden guitars

Day 20 Depart

If we stay 2 nights in Derry instead, we would do a day trip to Giant's causeway probably and then straight to Belfast the next day. Any input on which city you'd rather spend more time in?

Also, I know it's a bit of a rush, but I promise that the 3 days before this section we're staying in one place and we have a few other longer stays before that including 3 nights in Dublin at the start! :)

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I'd also like to get input around this! Similar questions re: Derry vs Belfast although we probably won't do GC on this trip.

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I have limited experience but I'd give Belfast more time. Derry is an interesting stop to walk on the walls and explore the old city, but Belfast has much more to offer, including the Ulster Museum and the City Hall, besides the Titanic Museum and a much more extensive downtown. Both cities have Troubles-related sights worth seeing, but Belfast has more. And it would be more efficient to see the Causeway en route between Derry and Belfast.

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I agree with Dick. Derry is terrific but you can pretty much see what there is to see in a few hours ... maybe a little more if you want to include a stroll around the old city walls and look in on the very nice City Museum.
The center of Belfast is quite pedestrian-friendly - making it a pleasure to wander about and explore some of the ancient little lanes.
A very pretty drive from the Causeway Coast to Belfast is to explore the little glens along the Antrim Coast - one of Ireland's great scenic drives on a sunny day. The seaside village of Glenarm is a particular favorite.

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Thanks for that feedback, I think we'll stick with our original plan for 2 nights in Belfast and 1 in Derry.