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Derry to Sligo

In early June, we will be going from Derry to Sligo. We have a full day to get to Sligo and would like to see some of Donegal County. How much of Donegal can we see in one day? Would we be able to see Glenveagh National Park and still be able to enjoy some coastal driving?

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You can easily plot the mileage and drive times to various places on Google maps or with a trusty Michelin paper map.

After visiting Glenveagh National Park you could head south along the coast, climb up spectacular Glengesh Pass outside of Glencolumbkille (with dramatic view of the sea from its cliffs), take in Europe's highest cliffs at Slieve League, then continue east to Donegal town and down to Sligo. How much you'll actually "see" vs. how much you'll enjoy the sites and scenery is up to you.

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A lot will depend on how many stops you make and how long for each...

It is perfectly feasible. From Derry head to Dungloe which will take you through Glenveagh National Park. Then head south to Killibegs and if time allows drive to Slieve League (the cliffs are amazing and I much prefer them to Cliffs of Moher). Then head to Donegal and Sligo. In June you will have long hours of dayliught too!

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remember you will be driving in two different countries
the UK (Northern Ireland) and Ireland

UK (Northern Ireland) Miles per hour

UK -Pounds
Ireland euro
I would suggest a read of the UK highway code for the road signage in NI
found here

and because you are crossing the border into Donegal Ireland the Irish road rules hand book

road signage on both sides of the border is VERY different for example in the UK "GIVE WAY"
is in Ireland "YIELD"

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Update after a beautiful week in Ireland...we were able to see a great deal of Donegal County (including unplanned 9 holes of golf at Cruit Island Golf Club). We did not stop at Glenveagh National Park, but enjoyed the drive nearby. Unfortunately, Nancy's in Ardara wa not open at lunchtime, but we found an excellent meal at The Courthouse Restaurant. We spent some time at Slieve League Cliffs before heading to Sligo. Just north of Sligo Town, we drove Mullaghmore Head for some fantastic views.

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Glad all went well. You were lucky with the weather.

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Hello from Wisconsin,
My wife and I do most of our foreign shopping in either groceries or hardware stores. But if you are going to be in Donegal...stop into Magee's Clothing. World famous woolens. Through the years I have amassed a nice collect of coats and caps from Magee's. Get a coat with a double vent and fit in with the best dressed of the island. One time, before I paid for a jacket I wanted, they sent me to a pub to have a pint. When I came back they claimed the coat was used so I didn't have to pay VAT. Those clever boys.

And when you get to Sligo, if you are semi-fit go to Queen Maeve's Grave. The cairn is reached after a substantial uphill walk. Not too far from there is Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery. On the opposite side of Sligo (NE) is Glencar Waterfall. It is no Niagra Falls, but the walk is lush.

wayne iNWI