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Delta Refunds?

Is Delta not giving refunds for June trips to Italy? I only see e-credit. My trip is scheduled to Milan June 15th. Any suggestions as to what to do? I would prefer a full refund. Thank you.

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Has one of your flights been canceled? If so then you can call and get a refund.. if not then perhaps wait until they do cancel. Otherwise you only get ecredit if you cancel.

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I just checked and it doesn't look like they've cancelled yet. It's getting pretty close to the date of travel... Thank you for your reply!

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It's getting pretty close to the date of travel

It's almost 1.5 months, not that close....I would sit tight and wait. You have nothing to lose by waiting.

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Delta has not updated the June schedule yet. As of right now, Delta is running 2 flights per day from my local airport to Atlanta. The airline's booking function on its website is still showing 10 flights per day for the first week of June. Be patient... I received notice on April 14 that my May 11th departure for Munich was canceled. The e-mail notice said my e-credit was already being processed; I called and stated that I wanted a refund due to the flight being canceled. The money was back on my credit card within 48 hours.

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Delta cancels flights about 7 to 10 days before your departure date, If you want a refund, you must wait for the cancellation. That’s what I did for 2 separate international trips. When I requested a refund, I got it the next day.

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In my case Delta gave me a refund for my 5/21 flight to NYC because they changed the return flight by 2 hours. The agent told me if even one part of the flight is changed by 90 minutes or more you can usually get a refund if you ask. I called on a Thursday and my credit card had a credit by Saturday morning.

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I would recommend checking your flight at least once a week. They did do a major schedule change yesterday, so you might check today and see if there’s been a schedule change that gives you enough change to get a refund. considering Italy is not yet open it’s also highly possible that your flight will just eventually be canceled. In either case you will get a refund. There’s no need to call today and cancel. If by a few days prior to flight it hasn’t changed then you cancel

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Does anyone have a number for Delta to ask for a refund? Delta canceled my outbound flight for September JFK to Shannon. I'm assuming since they cancelled I would be entitled to a refund. I would like to know what number to call for the department that deals with this. Thank you and sorry if this is a dumb question.

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Joyce, I accomplished this quite easily by sending Delta a private message on their Facebook page. Received full refund for flights to Rome in October-funds posted to my credit card in 3 days. Hope this helps!