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Currency Exchange

I am leaving in April 2023 for Dublin from Jacksonville Florida. Is there a good way to do a currency exchange of dollars for Euro before I leave Jacksonville or is it better to wait to use ATMs when I land very early in the morning in Dublin? Thank you!

Call your bank and ask them. If you bank with a large firm such as Chase, BMO Harris, etc, they sell foreign currency.

Your best exchange rate will probably come from your credit card. It is best to do most of your purchases with your cc for that reason.

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First, you won't need much cash in Ireland. Tap-to-pay and credit cards work just about everywhere. Some B&Bs are cash only, and a few boat trips (Skellig Michael, for example) are cash only.

Second, I'd wait until you get out of the airport, and just use an ATM wherever you spend your first night. The Airport "Currency Exchanges" are very high fee, although if it makes you uncomfortable to not have cash, go ahead and pay the premium. There are some ATMs in the airport, as well, and I think their higher fee than the street machines.

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I take some € (or £) because I don’t want to deal with an ATM on arrival. I then get more if I need more from an ATM.

Since most countries are going cashless, be sure you have a contactless credit card for every day purchases. (I take 2 for everyday plus a third from a different bank as backup.). Apple Pay works good too.

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A few Euros on arrival wouldn’t hurt, but probably not essential. In addition to getting Euros from your bank, oftentimes there are currency exchanges in malls. The rate won’t be the best, but you will have some local currency upon arrival. For currency exchange, an atm will give the best exchange rate.

If you know somebody who has traveled to Europe, maybe they have some left over they’d sell you.

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Personally, I would wait until you arrive in Ireland.

But if you want some to take with you, AAA offers foreign currency at a decent exchange rate.