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Covid Testing Requirements

What would anyone suggest regarding Covid testing for flight back to the US? The rules state testing must be done no more than three days before the flight. Has anyone had any experience for the turnaround time on these tests once collected?

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I was actually wondering if anyone has had experience with getting their results in 24 hours as advertised. Also United is stating that they have teamed up with Abbott diagnostics to offer a “ home kit” that is recognized by the US for reentry. Anyone tried this yet?

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The way I read the CDC website indicates that rapid antigen tests are acceptable.

From the website Joe linked above rapid antigen test results are available in an hour. So that would seem to be the way to go.

I believe that United partnered up with Abbot labs for their binds test. The points guy had an article on that test. Link below.

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You can get your covid test to enter the US at Dublin airport (see the website Joe linked above), I think that would be the most convenient option.

In that case, I’d recommend getting the rapid antigen test to make sure you get the results on time for your flight. Remember you’ll need to pre-book your test in advance.

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You can also buy one and bring it with you. You can use a company like Ellume to buy one from and do the “home test” from your hotel room in Ireland.

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However, you must have a laptop computer to do this test. At the hotels we are staying at, they will not allow use of their tech equipment due to COVID.

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A friend of mine used the BinaxNow kits from Abbott Labs. There's a link on the United Airlines website. She didn't have a laptop with her, but used either her phone or iPad (can't remember which she used). She said it was an easy process. Note that these kits have become more widely used and that people are experiencing longer wait times after logging on than she did a couple of months ago. Be sure to get a test kit that is travel approved; not all of them are.

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We booked our test with Randox at the airport. We'll see how it goes