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Coronavirus -Travel Insurance - Premium Credit

Trip Cancellation Insurance vs Trip Cancellation Insurance:
As many of you are now finding out the standard "Trip Cancellation Insurance" is NOT Trip Cancellation Insurance FOR ANY REASON. For the latter it costs you about 30% more in premiums. Approximately this 21 January, the Coronavirus became what is know in Insurance as a "Known Event." This means that you can't cancel because you are afraid of getting sick, quaranteened, etc because of it with Standard Insurance. But, I digress.

Although we cancelled our May Ireland trip precisely because of fear and ramifications of the virus, our Travel Insurance company Arch Roam right credited our pre-paid premium for our cancelled trip for 1 year. We had standard Trip Cancellation coverage, so they will not cover any loss of cancelling (I only lost 50 Euros in tour deposits which I may get back from my Credit card anyway).

We are age 71 with pre-existing conditions. I definitely recommend Arch Roamright for elderly and/or disbled or those with pre-existing conditions. When you meet very easy conditions, you get a pre-existing standard exclusion WAIVER. To get this there are 2 conditions 1) Purchase policy within so many days of booking at least part of your trip; and 2) you must insure the entire cost of your trip. Estimate and adjust later when you know more. That's it. Young/healthy folks don;'t have to think of this stuff. We do.

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Thanks for the information. Have you compared this insurance with other travel insurance. I am asking because if you have, it will save me hours of doing it. I do not wish to reinvent the wheel, unless I need to.

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I had purchased a medical/medical evacuation travel insurance policy for my late April to early June trip to Italy, at modest cost ($139). Full coverage of travel costs had gotten very expensive as I got older, and I figured I could self-Insure for the costs of an unlikely trip cancellation or interruption, of course never imaging the current situation. I insured with AXA, which I discovered through Squaremouth. Last week, after cancelling and beginning to unravel my travel plans, I phoned AXA and was asked to e-mail about my situation. I did, and after explaining I would not be taking the trip at all, and that I was NOT submitting a claim, I inquired if (1) could I cancel the policy and get a refund, or (2) could I simply apply the premium to similar insurance for an as-yet-unidentified future trip. To be honest, I did not expect either to be possible.
Early this morning I was surprised to get a phone call from an AXA rep. She said a refund was not possible (only within 10 days of purchase) but I could change the dates for coverage to anytime within 18 months from late April, and could later modify the dates, destinations and duration of the trip, up to 60 days duration. I tentatively chose my same dates n 2021, and they will modify my policy. I promptly received an e-mail confirmation of that.
No complaints here!