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cliffs of moher and/or connemara and/or aran islands


if you were to pick 2 of the 3 above, which one would you pick? we are staying only 2 full days in galway and we have to decide which 2 to pick.

thanks. olivia

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So what happens to seeing Galway itself if you have only 2 days there? It has been a long time, but I would pick Connemara and the Aran Islands. They are all beautiful spots and rich in history and lore. There is something about the vast and wild beauty of Connemara that grabs one. Back in the "day," decades ago when I went to the Aran Islands, there was no air strip. We went by trawler and were passed overboard to a waiting curragh with the sheep. I visited Inisheer, the smallest. At that time the children only spoke Gaelic, and it was a remote place indeed. I am sure things have changed and the islands are more developed. These seem like very full days. Hope you have built in time to relax. I think you can see the Cliffs of Moher from the western side of Inish Mor.

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hi nancy,

yes, I know. we're staying 5 days in dingle, 3 days in galway and 3 days in Dublin. travel takes away a halfday here and there.

so, you think aran and Connemara are the ones to choose. thanks.

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Could you stop to see the Cliffs when you're traveling between Dingle and Galway?
Then you could do Connemara and an Aran Island as day trips from Galway.

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I wholly concur with Nancy. Connemara and the Aran Islands are not to be missed. I've been to all three of your options on several occasions, and the first two do indeed "draw you back." Since the Cliffs of Moher area was "developed" (ugh!) about ten years ago it's become, in my view, less of a force and joy of nature unto itself and more of a place to stop to buy things in the gift shops.

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Yes you can do it ALL! If yo pu head out if Dingle on the N86 to Tralee where you will then take the N69 to Tarbert. Before you get to Tarbert there should be signs of the Ferry - at Tarbert take the N67 cross the Tarbert-Kilmer Ferry across the River Shannon. This auto ferry is easy to get on and off of and is a nice break from your drive. Once off the ferry take N67 to Kilrush at which time you should take the R483 - it will cut off some of your driving time. The R483 will run back int the N67 just South of Spanish Point - get back onto N67 to Lahinch R478 Liscannor to the Cliffs - car park on the right. It is an amazing sight from the Cliffs out over the three Aran Islands - which in a clear day you can see each if them. On a cloudy day you can see the rain clouds coming right at you! The new Centre is MUCH better and more ecologically nicer than the old Centre. The last two times other than using the loo we didn't bother going in the Centre - we were there for the Cliffs. When leaving take the coast road and enjoy the beauty of The Burren to Ballyvaughn and thru the small seaside village of Kinvara. From Kinvara to Galway is a hop & a skip!

Next day I'd do Galway City

Third day - Aran Islands
Aran Island Ferries leave from Rossaveal which is West of Galway - you can check and book tickets - Rossaveal is on the cusp of Connemara.

Have fun!

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If you are really tied to a schedule, the Aran Islands might not work. Depending on the time of year you are going, bad weather or rough water could prevent the ferries from operating. Have a Plan B for what to do if the weather doesn't cooperate to get you there.

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I would not miss the Aran Islands. Spend an afternoon in Inishmore at the very least, departing from Galway. I spent ten days on the island, and loved the solace, the ancient stone circles.

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thank you, all.

I emailed lallytours that does tours to the 3 places asking them which 2 are the best that their customers have said. they didn't respond. I guess it's like asking which 2 of your 3 children you love best :)