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Catch and Cook B&B in Silgo or Mayo/ Canoeing in Tipperary


I am looking for a recommendation or link. I saw a company online that goes fishing with you, on a boat trip to Inishkea and then brings you home for a fish cleaning/cooking experience. Next day, mucking for mussels. This sounds like it would be perfect for our group (grandparents, parents, and four kids under 8. the youngest 3.) A little immersion culture with sand and mud. I emailed the company for availability, but have not heard back. Does anyone know of any others?

Also wanted to canoe (not kayak) in Neaugh, west Tipperary. Is the Shannon/ Lough Derg/ ?? too rough there for a quiet paddle? we are looking for some quiet water inlets (looking at bugs, birds, and animals - not rapids/ waves) Where can I rent the canoe (not kayak)? Has the Blueway opened in this area yet?

Looking for fun, activity based, (The kids get tired of looking a scenery, so no Ring of Kerry drive at this age.) things to do in Tipperary, Mayo, or Silgo. (These are the counties we are focusing on this trip.) Any suggestions? We will have a car.

Thanks so much for your time.

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