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Car rental pick up location suggestion

We plan to be in Dublin for a few days without a car this summer. However, the morning of the third day we would like to rent a car and drive into Northern Ireland. At the end of the trip we want to return the car to the airport in Dublin.

Would it be better to pick the car up while we are in Dublin in the city center area or should we go back out to the airport to get the car and then head on to Northern Ireland? Which is better? Will we be charged more if we pick up in one location and return to a different location?

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It's impossible for anyone here to tell you what will cost more or less. Ask the people who you would be renting through. It may depend on the details (including what day/time you are planning to pick up and return the car).

The airport location is pretty easy, and would allow you to avoid driving in the Dublin city center area (the centers of old cities are usually the most stressful places to drive). It's easy to get between the city center and the airport. You might find another location that works but that depends on exactly where you're staying and you will need to investigate that. Airport location is probably a pretty safe bet but you need to shop around to be sure.

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Is there a reason you are choosing to drive from Ireland into N. Ireland?

Are you stopping and overnighting elsewhere?

Remember two different countries.

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Since you're heading north I would say that renting from the airport makes the most sense. As for one-way drop fees, it depends on the agency and the location. Conn's Ireland, for example, doesn't charge a fee if you rent from Dublin City Center and drop at the airport. I think it does, however, if you rented at Shannon and returned to Dublin. If a one-way drop fee is charged it's generally in the $50-75 range.