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Car Rental and Insurance

I reserved a Ford Focus automatic from Conn's Ireland for 10 days in May and it looks to me like all insurance, with the exception of tire and wheel is covered and there is no deductible. We also will pay the extra 10 euro per day for the additional driver. The price is 635 euro (not including tire/wheel or extra driver) and I am wondering if this is an okay price or if I should consider cancelling and re-booking directly through Hertz.

When looking on the Auto Europe or the Hertz website, the rates for the same size car seems much less. I know the insurance is not included in the rate and it sounds like excellent coverage can add up quickly. Hertz cost is $387 without insurance and Auto Europe is 595 USD so I am finding it difficult to compare apples to apples.

I like the inclusive pricing but don't want to get raked over the coals just for ease of having an all inclusive insurance package.

Thank you-

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I am doing the same thing - renting with Conns, but for 12 nights in July. I rented thru him last year, but in April, so costs were a bit less. My price is 907 euros for 12 nights for an automatic. Last time, it was a breeze to return the car. I did buy the extra tire/glass per day. When I returned the car, they basically marked it as returned and let me go since i had all of the extra insurance.

This time I am traveling solo (female) with my teenage daughter. I do have a Costco Visa which I have heard covers insurance in Ireland. But I'm worried about the hassle and will probably continue with Conns just so I dont have to worry.

I just went on the website and tried to make a booking at it was going to be about 300 less. Thats before insurance. So assuming insurance will add a few more hundred, I will just stick with Conns for peace of mind.

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Your quoted rate from Conn's for a compact car with automatic transmission and zero deductible insurance looks to be about right, unfortunately. I'm seeing similar pricing on the AutoEurope website for the same vehicle.
The two cost drivers are the requirement for the automatic and the zero deductible, both of which you really should have if this will be your first adventure driving on the left. Shopping around isn't likely to save you much ... if anything ...and by doing so you'll get lost in the maze of what's covered and what isn't on the often confusing rental car websites. It's usually something of an ordeal to sort out their true costs, especially as regards the matter of insurance. At least Conn's and AutoEurope display all costs up front so there are no surprises - what you see is what you'll get. My suggestion is to just keep what you have just for the peace of mind.
You can always check back with them every now and then before your trip to see if rates may change - you might get lucky.

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I always use Enterprise (at home and Ireland). It's good in the north as well when renting in the south. Make sure you are covered for collision--huge cost if you are in an accident with no coverage (you essentially bought the car). First check for 1) Your Platinum level Credit cards (check the fine print. Some cards have exclusions for Ireland and a few other countries. ALWAYS check for country exclusions) 2) Buy coverage at rental desk -try to avoid if you have 1) or 3) 3) BEWARE OF IRELAND AUTO INSURANCE EXCLUSIONS ON CREDIT CARDS AND TRAVEL INSURANCE OPTIONAL RENTAL CAR COVERAGE. I added optional Rental Car Insurance to my Travel policy. However, like some Credit Cards, curiously Ireland is one of the excluded coverage countries along with Afghanistan, Yemen, etc. Weird. YOU MUST CHECK WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY (VISA, Amex, etc).

ALWAYS TAKE PICTURES OF THE COMPLETE EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR OF CAR BEFORE AND AFTER RENTAL. We are renting from Enterprise one way. Arrive DUB, depart SNN. Surprisingly, it wasn't much more expensive.