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Can you see Blarney Castle from the parking lot ?

We are a group of 2 mobility challenged people and my 75 year old mom. No way would we climb Blarney Castle but wouldn’t mind just seeing it and maybe taking a picture on our way to another location.

Is a selfie from the parking lot even possible ?

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Whatever you do, don’t kiss it. I read it’s a favorite watering spot for late night pub crawls. You’ll get more than the gift of gab

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Not everyone is in to taking a selfie.
I hope those with ambulation challenges get a good view.

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Thank you all so much. It’s just if we have the time and it’s a nice day. Great info from you all and I really appreciate it.

Since Covid stopped is Canadians from going this fall I want to take the extra time and get it perfect for next October. We have gone from it supposed to be 28 days to 32-33 days. Oh my. Glad I have time to save more money.

2022 will now be Italy and I already have almost a 1/3 of that money saved too.

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Well photobear,

I sincerely hope that your wish comes true on your holiday.

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The nicest part of Blarney Castle are the gardens. While not a lot of steps, it is a lot of walking. There is plenty to enjoy without climbing all those narrow, winding steps - with lots of gorgeous photo spots. However it really does require a lot of walking to see the gardens.

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I think you are right. Unless we have a chunk of time to just walk the gardens, we won’t bother.

We have a month planned so you never know but there is no way we will climb it so probably will skip it. Even if I was physically able, I’m probably too claustrophobic to do so. I watched a video of it and OMG no way.

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I was on a tour. The day we went to Blarney, we also stopped in Cobh. There's a statue of Annie Moore, 17, and her 2 younger brothers who sailed to the U.S. at the end of 1891. She was the very first immigrant to pass through Ellis Island. Next to it is the "Cobh Heritage Centre The Queenstown Story", a small museum telling the story of Irish emigration, caused by the great potato famine. It includes a lot about the Titanic and the Lusitania. The garden at Blarney was very nice (I skipped the climb up the castle) but the Altamont Gardens near Kilkenny were much nicer, more extensive and, as I recall, pretty easier to walk, though the paths are mostly gravel.

There are so many wonderful sights in Ireland, Blarney Fortress is one of the least interesting. . . . IMO

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Chani, there is also a statue of Annie w/o brothers, at Ellis Island, both are sculpted by Jeanne rynhart