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Buses, Trains or a car in Ireland

Hi, We are going to Ireland for 9 days in April. I am a frequent traveler and have always traveled with public transportation, buses, trains, day tours etc. I am wondering if this is a good or efficient way to see Ireland. Of course traveling on public transit always allowed me to have more direct contact with the public. And too, I wonder about parking in cities? For those of you who have traveled in Ireland I would greatly appreciate your opinion.

Thank you.

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Where in Ireland are going? Driving in and around cities is in general bad idea, but a car can be useful in the countryside.

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We can't really give a meaningful answer without knowing your suggested itinerary, at least in sketch form. Buses and trains will get you to most places, but especially in the Gaeltacht a car or tours would be a very useful supplement.
Personally I can do anything I want to do in Eire by transit, except in County Donegal and to most of the offshore islands.
Many would question that view.
Are you flying into Shannon, Dublin or Cork?
I assume we are talking the Republic, not the North.