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between Dublin & Ring of Kerry - recommendations on where to stay for an overnight

My husband & I are traveling to Ireland for two weeks this summer and plan to do it without renting a car. We both know that the stress of driving on the "wrong side", not knowing where we're going, and with curvy/tiny roads equals stress and tension, and NO pub crawls, so I told him I could plan a trip using trains, busses, cabs/local transportation.
We're flying into Dublin from the United States. Staying in Dublin for two nights before we head off into our small town adventure. We are interested in the Ring of Kerry area, Dingle, and then moving up the west coast to see the Cliffs of Moher/Aran Islands/Galway, before taking a train from Galway back to Dublin.
My question is where do you recommend we stay for 1 night as we make our way via train or bus to the Ring of Kerry area? ... so should we bite the bullet and just try to make our way to the west coast without an overnight between Dublin & Kenmare or have a stop along the way?

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Take the 2 hour train ride to Cork. Stay overnight and Arrange your transport/tour of the Ring of Kerry there.

I’ve always driven in Eire and N Ireland. Born when Truman was in office. Always with a clutch and solo.
It’s about the freedom.

Great country, lovely people.

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That makes a verty long day from Cork - 11 hours in a bus. You would be better stopping in Killarney and doing the trip from there.

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We did something similar in 2019. It’s doable!

You could take the train from Dublin to Killarney. It’s easy and stress-free, with one change in Mallow, I think. Then spend the night in Killarney, and from there you’re at the doorstep of the ring of Kerry and Killarney National Park.

(Killarney is disparaged on this board, but it’s where you want to be, and you’re only spending the night. There are lovely people in Killarney, and the Guinness tastes just as good there as anywhere else.)

It’s a splurge, but the next day you could hire a car service to tour you around and then drop you at your next destination in Dingle or wherever. Killarney Guided Tours is based in town, and can take you anywhere you want to go. We’ve used them twice and they’re great.

Have a lovely time!

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Thanks for the information. We have a lot of planning to do. I already emailed a few tour companies, so I'm thinking it's doable.