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Best cheap flight from Dublin to CDG?

(Duplicate of a post I put in the France forum as well)

Will be having to book a round-trip from Dublin to CDG on the 28th of Sep, returning either the evening of the 7th or early morning of the 8th. Catching our return home from DUB on the 8th at 10:00, so want to be at DUB no later than 7:00am by flight if possible, and not seeinga any early morning flights that match that, so looking for late night on the 7th and grab a hotel by the airport.

So far, all I'm seeing is Aer Lingus or Air France as direct flights from DUB to CDG (not interested in BVA) but know that there are usually smaller carriers that don't make the big travel search engine sites. Trying to beat 195.00 plus usual usurious baggage charges per person, as all I want is something to take us there and back, and don't feel like spending extra cash that I could spend on vin ordinaire whilest in Paris.

Any suggestions?

Glenn in Tucson

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It appears the cheap flights, smaller carriers only go to BVA - at least for your dates - why are you ruling it out? The difference between arriving BVA and adding the cost to get into Paris is still appx $80 less per person than your $195.

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Time and inconvenience. Going from CDG to DLP for the first couple days of the stay, and its a much longer train ride from BVA. Also have some friends flying into CDG and we may be able to meet up there if we can arrive at about the same time, and all travel together and avoid any delays, etc. from different train routes.


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Try Easyjet . We used Easyjet, Are Lingus, and Ryanair this past month in Europe and have to say Aer Lingus was worst. We have also used Vueling twice with no issues.