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Belfast to the Western Greenway / Crossing from Northern Ireland into the Republic of Ireland

I will be a first time traveler to Ireland this summer. Can anyone help me with the following questions?

What is the quickest way to get from Belfast to Westport? Car, train, etc.?

Also, are there any issues or anything I should be aware of crossing from Northern Ireland into the Republic of Ireland? Any special requirements or documents? What should we expect when crossing from one border into the other? For some reason I feel apprehensive.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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So far, there are no border controls on land from Northern Ireland to Republic of Ireland (or Ireland as the purists insist).

This is due to a Common Travel Agreement between Ireland and the UK, separate from any EU agreement. Of course with Brexit, at some point there may be, you never know. Of course as a visitor, you should never cross borders without your Passport.

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You may not even notice when you cross the border. Road signs and markings will change. As above, have your passport with you although you're unlikely to be asked for it.

Belfast-Westport is unfortunately an indirect trip as far as public transport options go. even suggests an option of travelling via Dublin!
It's a long journey to make in one go. I would think about spending time in Enniskillen, Donegal or Sligo to break it up a little, aswell as enjoying more of the countryside.

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hi there i am from Northern Ireland so i can tell you what it is like on the ground, there are NO border controls on the land boder between Northern Ireland (UK) and Ireland, a few people have mentioned Brexit what people dont realise is the UK and Ireland have a common travel area, even though the UK is now no longer in the European Union and Ireland is still a member of the EU this has not
changed the arrangements on the border the whole withdrawal agreement stipulated that were to be no controls on the land border so you are stressing about nothing ....the only thing you have to take into mind is road signs in the UK and Ireland are different
road markings are different and the speed limits are different (Miles per hour in Northern Ireland) and Kilometres per hour in Ireland
also the currency UK pounds in NI and euro in Ireland, apart from that there is not anything to be concerned about
you can travel by train from Belfast to Westport on the cross border train service to Dublin 1st (its called the enterprise and is operated jointly by Northern Ireland railways and Irish rail in Ireland) you can book it here operate all buses and trains in NI including cross border services you will then have to book a ticket with Irish rail In the Republic of Ireland from Dublin to westport, this can be booked at involves getting a Luas (TRAM) across Dublin from connolly train station (where the Belfast train comes into ) to Heuston station (where the westport train departs from) tickets for the tram can be bought from ticket machines at the tram stop luas website can be found here leave a good hour for transfers

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I visited these cities last March and enjoyed them both. I was on a tour so cannot comment on transportation between the two but can tell you the border crossing was similar to crossing state lines here in the States. We saw a sign and honestly if the tour director hadn’t mentioned it we might have missed it. Easy peasy. Just don’t forget Pounds Sterling in Northern Ireland and Euros in the Republic.