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Belfast exchange

Rick Steves Ireland Travalers!
We start the 14 day tour in 2 weeks. I just realized we will be entering Northern Ireland in the small town of Portrush. The most efficient way to get pounds is through an ATM as we carry little cash and use credit where possible. We understand we may need cash in these small towns. Can I get pounds at the Dublin airport? Will the tour provide us with an opportunity to access an ATM.
Just nailing down the little details that can cause problems! Thanking you all in advance.

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I highly doubt that you will need cash. Everything is pretty much contactless card. There are plenty of banks/ATM machines in Port Rush, I would hold off on getting too much cash.

I suppose “small town” depends on your personal experience, but Port Rush is not a place I would characterize as a small town.

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Do not get pounds at the airport. Once in NI just go to a bank ATM.

Do you know what hotel you are staying at in NI? If yes, Google the address and see if there is a bank ATM close by.

Otherwise a chip card ( tap and go ) will be fine.

The small Spaniard Pub is a pleasant respite. And please enjoy the fish chowder at Mournes near Kelly Cellars pub. I still dream of that chowder.