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Bank Transfers that are not a "wire" transfer.

I was trying to send a deposit to Ireland for a cottage.
I was asked to do a "bank transfer" but was told that Ireland banks- or this individual's bank, does not accept wire transfers.

Can anyone tell me what other "bank to bank" transfer that would be?
I think something is getting lost in translation as two US banks do not know how money would be sent to an Irish bank account unless it is a "wire" transfer.

Thank you!

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The persons you talked to at the banks are not international specialists and are probably only trained in US transfers which are wires.

Irish banks use SWIFT, IBAN, and BIC systems and identifiers to handle funds transfers (which technically are wires). Your US bank should know how to do that if you get the correct ID values for those 3. Whoever you are sending the funds to have to provide that info to you. But be careful, once the money goes there is no getting it back!

You might also ask if the cottage owners do Pay Pal.

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Okay that's helpful. I was told I was transferred to the international department of Bank of America and I told them the Number (IBAN?) and quoted those letters. They had no idea what I was talking about.
I'll call Bank of America again.
They transferred me several times, once to their expert on international transfers?
The host in ireland doesn't want to get a PayPal account.
You were helpful!
Thank you!

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Bank transfers are expensive from the US to Europe. Ask your host if you can give a credit card number instead, or if you can use PayPal.

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Consider using a specialist service such as TransferWise rather than your local bank.

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I used three times last year. MUCH CHEAPER than using a bank. I was leery at first but then read a good article about it in Forbes magazine. No problems with the transfers.

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Yeah, I agree.
They won't use Western Union due to fraud.
They won't put their banking information into an App because of fear of fraud, but they wrote it in several emails which could be hacked more easily.

I think she is older and has a technology aversion and gets very upset when questioned.
We had a parting of the ways and I found a better place.
It's interesting how one property in a small town has PayPal and credit cards on their website all figured out.
It's interesting how others keep beating their head against a wall because they choose to run into the same issues over and over with guests.

C'est la Vie!