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Backpackers traveling with a 8months baby Ireland, London & Scotland...suggestions?

Hello there! so my husband & I are planning our best next adventure during US Winter break (2 weeks)...but this time our dear baby boy is coming along. Any suggestion of where to stay, what to do and where not to make it easy on him but, at the same enjpyable for the entire family. Thanks a zillion!!!

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Have you travelled ANYPLACE with a baby (and all his equipment ?) Maybe practice a little near home to see how your specific child responds to new places, new sounds ... and how you do, too.

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You're backpacking with an 8 month old in Scotland in December/January?

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This is a worry, those three places are freezing in the winter. It was cold in Ireland in April and cold in England last May. Why not Italy or Spain? Go south.

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Its just my opinion, understand, but having raised two good kids I would not do this.

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Are you us? LOL We are taking our 8 month old baby to Ireland and England for 10 days at the end of May beginning of June. We are also taking our other 2 kids ages 4 and 8. Here is my advice. Are you the easy going parents? if you are go for it! if your not rethink it. Traveling with kids is awesome! We have done Germany, Italy, France, Thailand, Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar with ours. They love to travel. When traveling with kids in europe the biggest thing we do is pack light! and I mean light. We pack few outfits each and wash in the hotel sink. For kids especially an 8 month old baby who is probally starting to crawl I would aim for darker colors. We bring a stroller with us. When we did Italy with a 10month old and 4 year old we actually brought 2 strollers. For Ireland and england we are bringing our Baby Jogger City Mini with our carseat attached to the top. Will leave the carseat in hotel room when we can but need it for Ireland. Otherwize you could rent a carseat in Ireland. You can avoid the stroller if you have a good carrier but I would only do that option if both you and your husband are willing to wear the baby because you do a ton of walking in europe. As far as sleeping the baby always just sleeps in our bed so that is pretty easy and we generally just feed a little bit of what ever we eat so that is easy too. Hope that helps. let me know if you have any questions.

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What does being a backpacker mean to you? I think that label fit me when I traveled on my own for four months in Europe with only a backpack and messenger bag and stayed almost exclusively in hostels.

Fast forward to the current century. My husband's luggage is a RS convertible backpack, and has been for the past 6 years. My luggage was the same until 2013, but by no means have we ever been backpackers on our trips.

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Hello!!!! Thank you so so so much people. We have learned to traveled lighter with experience and pains :) we usually stayed in b&b in Ireland we were planning in staying with my husband´s cousin. The two of us had gone to many countries in Europe, in Guatemala (I am Guatemalan) & Mexico...but definitely would be our first time with a little one & I was worry about the weather. I was considering South America instead...all your advise is much appreciated. Thanks for sharing your experiences to who has travel with kids, which of these places in your opinion are more child friendly?



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I was going to suggest someplace warmer, and since you are Guatemalan why not travel there? Or maybe Panama? Or Costa Rica? I love Guatemala, so that would be my first choice, but I know lots of US families who do winter vacations in Costa Rica. Or possibly someplace like the Cayman Islands?

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16883 posts lists a few books and web links that are focused on advice for traveling with a baby.

In general, bigger cities have more indoor sightseeing and entertainment options that are open year-round, so London and Edinburgh are the obvious big-city choices in Britain but Bath, York, Cambridge and other cities can also qualify. Sightseeing around the Lakes District, for instance, is all closed up in winter. See also