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B&B Recommendations

Hello All,

After some wonderful feedback regarding our itinerary, I think we have it finalized. Now need to book our B&B stays. Also will take a look at AirBnB, etc. but wanted to get your thoughts :)

Here's our itinerary (still filling in sights, gaps, etc.)
Thurs, March 31: Land Dublin airport 1:20pm
Thurs, March 31 - Sat, April 2: Dublin (2 nights) Guinness
Sat, April 2: drive to Glendalough/wicklow area/powerscourt house and waterfall, drive to kilkenny overnight (1 night)
Sun, April 3: Cashel, Cahir (?), drive to Dingle
Sun, April 3 - Tues, April 5: Dingle (2 nights)
Tues, April 5-Thurs, April 7: Kenmare (2 nights) – muckross house, ring of beara, torc waterfall
Thurs, April 7-Sat, April 9: Kinsale (2 nights) - day trip to cobh, cork (jameson factory)
Sat, April 9: Drop rental car at Cork airport, fly out Sat, April 9 at 11:40am

So we'll need the following overnights:

Dublin (2 nights)
Kilkenny (1 night)
Dingle (2 nights)
Kenmare (2 nights)
Kinsale (2 nights)

We are looking for a places with good location (walking distance of restaurants, etc.) but also thinking maybe would be nice to have one location in a farmhouse type location? Thanks in advance for your help :) I know our trip is around the corner so need to get going on reservations. So excited!

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I can't recommend Brownes B&B in Dingle enough. The hosts, John and Camilla, were awesome - they took the time to tell us their favorite restaurants, where there would be live music each night, some tips for doing the Slea Head drive, and their breakfasts were incredible. Their B&B is maybe a 12-15 minute walk outside of the very center of Dingle, but we really enjoyed it.

I might recommend skipping Cahir on your way from Kilkenny to Dingle. We drove that, leaving Kilkenny at a reasonable hour, stopping at Cashel, and I don't believe we got to Dingle until roughly 5 p.m. It's a full day, and it always takes longer to drive in Ireland than you think.

In Dublin, we didn't stay at a B&B, we stayed at Staunton's on the Green, on the south side of St. Stephen's Green. We liked the location quite a bit, and would definitely recommend it. But it's not a B&B, if that is what you are looking for.

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Reviews for Browns are wonderful :) if we are looking to enjoy the local pubs and enjoy the town, is it a good location?

Good tip on possibly skipping cahir - we were thinking that same thing and understand drives can take a bit longer in Ireland.

Might look at the Harding hotel in Dublin. Believe it is a good location?

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If you take a look at a map of Dingle, just to the west of the town center there is a rotary, where the Slea Head Drive begins. Brownes is just a little bit up that road. You can definitely enjoy the pubs and town even late at night - we sure did. The road isn't lit, but the Brownes gave us flashlights and even reflective vests to use on our way home. We thought it was kind of funny, but when the pubs were closing, we were far from the only people leaving with reflective vests on!

Harding Hotel is in a good location, yes, although a little close to the Temple Bar area (which is perfectly safe and enjoyable, it just can get a bit loud at night). But I think it's far enough away that the noise shouldn't be a problem.

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I'm an American and I live on the Ring of Kerry.

I'm going to jump in here and assume you're driving from Dingle to Kenmare via the Ring of Kerry. Right?? If so, consider your overnights in Sneem, Caherdaniel (near one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Ireland - Derrynane), Waterville or Portmagee/Valentia Island. You seem to be staying in all big towns - and I think staying in a smaller village might bring you a who different side of Ireland.

While you're in Cashel, know this: You can now get a voucher to the Rock of Cashel if you spend 15 euros in most places in Cashel. That saves you on the entry fee!! It's spectacular. Would you consider hotels? I've stayed in smaller hotels in Cashel, Kinsale and Dublin - and actually liked meeting more people that you get in a B&B. Let me know if you wnat hotel suggestions!

(For example a new hotel in Waterville only has 12 rooms. It's 4 star and totally renovated. Very different from B&B but very nice, just the same!)


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Thanks! Great advise!

Totally open to staying at small hotels - we really have never stayed at a B&B, just thought it might be a better value/way to go in Ireland but small hotels sound great as well. We've booked the Harding Hotel for Dublin (hope it is good!) but need recommendations for all others :)

Will check out those areas you suggested for overnight on way from Dingle to Kenmare. We are planning on doing the ring of beara, killarney park, etc. in the area. Do those locations lend themselves to those activities as a home base?

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to clarify, we'd be doing muckross, kilarney, and killarney national park on the drive from dingle to kenmare (going through molls gap I think). so we'd do the ring of beara the next day, and the day after that, head out to kinsale along the coast/N71. Thanks again!

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Hi Janine, warm greetings from Ireland. Ive stayed in the Harding Hotel over 200 times so no one in Ireland is in a better position to says its a good choice! :)
The location is excellent, the rooms reasonably nice but very clean, staff great and breakfast tasty.
Some of my tour members in the past would complain about the noise from two sources - the bells of Christchurch Cathedral and the locals singing downstairs in Darkey Kelleys bar!
I would suggest that a positive traveller would see these two noisy sources as potentially one of the great memories of your trip! I mean, bells from a medieval Cathedral and historic ballads from happy locals, real wow moments!
I hope you love Dublin, I certainly do.
Le meas/with respect

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Janine - yes, Kenmare would be a good place to stay if you want to do the Beara the next day after the park. So when you say you're seeing Killarney National Park - will you be walking around? Or just the drive to see Torc Waterfall and Molls Gap, etc??


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Thanks Stephen!

Appreciate the response, Susan. Would be nice to walk around a bit if possible? We do like easy-intermediate hikes but would be happy to do an easy hike to torc waterfall? Another forum member said if we see powerscourt falls that we shouldn't bother with that true?

Also looking for feedback on the following B&B's regarding location, good choice, etc? and if these are considered good rates or if I should look for a better value. Looking for great experience but still on a modest budget.

  • Kilkenny: Pinecrest B&B at 80 euro for a double w/breakfast (Saturday night)
  • Dingle: Towerview B&B at 75 euro per night for a double w/breakfast (Browns is not available) - also looking into The Lighthouse
  • Kenmare: Seashore Guesthouse B&B at 95 euro per night for a double w/breakfast (reviews look great so thinking we'll splurge a bit on this one)
  • Kinsale: Woodlands House B&B at 70 euro per night for a double w/breakfast

Any suggestions are appreciated :)

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We enjoyed Milestone House in Dingle. Excellent friendly hosts and good breakfast with home-made bread. We also enjoyed the view from our room: a field of sheep. Its a little bit out of town, but the host gave us a ride into town and we had a nice walk back.

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We liked the Cloisters B&B in Kinsale. The room was very nice, breakfasts were great and the ladies who run it were very helpful. In Dingle we stayed at The Lighthouse B&B which is a relatively new purpose built B&B. It is on the edge of town with a fabulous view of Dingle Bay (their web site does not lie) about a 10 minute walk into the center of town. Again nice rooms, great breakfast and plenty of parking. Dennis and Mary are great hosts.

Have a great trip.

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As for Dingle, have you seen Milltown house B&B in your research? It's a great spot, and I believe the hosts are Rick Steves guides.... and if you love the gentle giants that are Irish Wolfhounds - this is your place!

Walking to Torc waterfall is an easy km walk. hmmm to compare it to Powerscourt? That's a tough one. Torq is in the woods (I swear fairies live there!) and very green and lush. Powerscourt is HUGE but it's in a very open area with giant grand trees spread around. Picture carriages in the 1800's with elegant families picknicking on blankets, there. Just so you know, Powerscourt waterfall is not at the Powerscourt house -- so you'd need a car to see it if you're hoping to.

Hope that helps,