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B & B payment

Will the B&B's take travelers checks (in lieu of cash)?

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I'm sure that would be up the individual b&b. You'd have to contact them and ask them what type of payment they'll accept. Some of them will have that information on their website, others you might have to email or call. In this day and age, with the decline of travelers checks in general, my personal opinion is that many of them would not.

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I don't think most vendors know what to do with travelers' checks anymore.. If you have an ATM card, you can withdraw local currency whenever you need to. Be sure your bank at home knows you will be making withdrawals in Europe, decline dynamic currency conversion if offered, and enjoy your trip!

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i just did a quick Internet search, and several websites report that Travelers Checks are Not accepted in Europe in this day and age.

Do you have a Debit Card and Credit Card? When I reserve B and B or Hotel rooms in Italy, some ask me to send them my Credit Card # via Email, which I do with No problem. They may then charge my Credit Card for one night, which charge drops off when I arrive. Then I use my Debit Card at a Bank ATM to obtain Euro to pay the total Bill before I leave. Or, I have the option to use my Credit Card to pay the total Bill.

My Credit Card max limit can only handle my flight charges, which is why I pay Lodging in Euro.

Be sure to ask the B and B how they want payment. Some B and Bs do Not ask me to send my Credit Card#. I just show up and pay in Euro.

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If you haven't already bought the Traveller's Cheques, don't. They are quite useless nowadays.

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Travelers checks have gone the way of the dinosaur. Most B&B's I've stayed at require cash. Some will accept a credit card.

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Plan ahead to make sure you have enough cash to pay for a B & B, if that is what they want.
We were delayed leaving Dingle because we had to go find an ATM.