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b and b ireland

planning our May 3- May 13 trip. I've emailed two of the places recommended in Rick Steves book with no response.
Does anyone have experience with the website

Any recommendations for places in Kenmare, Doolin?'
Thanks for any help. We are really excited about finally getting to see Ireland.

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I go to the Google Map for the city and magnify the page with a Control + couple of times. Little icons pop up for accommodations and I click on them.
Ireland's small cities especially along the coastline have some really magnificent B&B's.
We stayed in one rated 5 star with nothing but great comments online, and it was as good as we expected.

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I loved both of these B&B, one in Doolin, one in Kenmare.
Good food, rooms, and company! Both B&B's were on target with advice/guidance for local good spots and touring advice. I thought I had planned our days very well but input from both ladies at these B&B's was great help!

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In Kenmare, we stayed at Arthur's Lodge Wood and liked it a lot. A quiet, wooded, just-outside-town location within easy (5 minutes) walking distance of the town center (found a good Thai restaurant there). Friendly, very helpful host (Elizabeth, I think). A very traditional-feeling B&B with plenty of "old worlde charm." I vividly recall our bathroom had incredible water pressure which made my shower highly enjoyable. Easy on site parking, easy road access. Nice place, I'd stay there again with no hesitation. I booked through, easy and no hassles.

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Do not forget to look into AirBnb's. I have used several during my 35 day trip around Ireland. Only 1 bad one. The rest were great. Google their address to make sure you can get to it if walking.

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We had a glitch in one of our hotels that we had book last summer, so we used the bandbireland website because many things were booked and we were literally without a place to stay! We showed up at a B&B and found out that our host doesn't really use the internet too much! So, if there is a phone number, maybe reach out that way. I do have to say, that we used airbnb for all of our booking, but our B&B was our FAVORITE stay!!!! Next time, I would go that route for sure!!!!

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I've had the pleasure of visiting Ireland 10 times with the 11th coming up in September.
Of all of my trips, the first was the best. We had a place to stay for the first 2 nights with a friend in Galway and then we did Ireland for 3 weeks. No plan really except traveling in a counterclockwise direction. We had an amazing time. Found B&B's wherever we were no problem. It's really the best way to see the country. Many little things just pop up that we were not aware of and because we didn't have a plan - so we went. Got rather lost one time, it was amazing! is a staple for finding B&B's on the go. Get a phone or sim card for your existing phone and call up after finding a B&B that looks good to you.
Most of all - enjoy! It's an absolutely fabulous country with very friendly people.

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I agree with Mimi's recommendation. Keep your itinerary flexible, stop for the day where you feel like it and be open to the serendipity of travel. It's wise, though, to make B&B reservations for your first one or two nights in country and for the last.

B&Bs are indeed the best and most reasonably priced places to stay, to meet the locals and their families and to enjoy wonderful breakfasts (the "full Irish"). We're going on our tenth trip next summer (all self-planned bicycle trips) and have had nothing but positive experiences in over 150 B&Bs throughtout the country. We've always just shown up in any given town and knocked on no more than two or three doors to get a room for the night. Sometimes, we've called ahead that morning to reserve when we knew in which town we'd be staying. has a limited number of listings. You'll find more at, the official Tourism Ireland (TI) website. You can also order a free printed B&B guidebook from TI. On the website it's called a "brochure" although it has 56 pages of county by county listings.

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Willow Lodge in Kenmare is nice, I stayed there in 2002 and again in 2016.

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I used, B and B and Individual B and B and hotel websites with no problems. If you find no vacancies on 1 of these; try the other 2. It's a shame, I'm 71. Back in the day, all you needed was the "Irish Farmhouse Assoc" and "Irish Town homes" books (free) to book. Now it's every man (and woman) for themselves. Hunt all over the place. These Associations actually regulated all of them. If you weren't a member you weren't doing business. Period.

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We used TripAdvisor for B&B recommendations on our trips and found lots of gems. On my Ireland trip in 2014, for the last few days when it was my mom and me, I would call a highly recommended place the night before or that morning to see it they had an opening for the night and didn’t have any problems getting a place. The earlier part of the trip, when there was six of us, we booked months ahead to be sure to get three rooms at the same place. We relied on TripAdvisor with those places as well.