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April or September for Ireland

We want to do a RS Best of Ireland next year but need to decide between May and September. It is east to discover temperature and rainfall but what I really want to know is the level of green. Will the colors be much better in spring than early autumn?

My first choice is to go in September, but I want to see all that emerald folks rave about.

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Have not traveled to Eire in the Spring. Always the Fall.

Fall is my favorite season and I must say the November day I hiked and drove through the Gap of Dunloe is one of my most favorite travel excursions. The gold, yellow, red, orange hues coupled with the green and the dark grey rain clouds looming on the horizon. Impressive and memorable.

I’ve entered a couple of the photos I snapped that day in contests. Won.

My bias is September.

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The green is always present. Decades ago on my first trip to Ireland I was flying from London. It was a Fall day and as the clouds parted and I got my first glimpse of Eire from the air I said aloud “ ___
( bad word ) it really is that green.” Lots of laughter in the cabin.

It’s a wonderful country to explore and enjoy. Helped that I like Guinness.


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We were there in May, and it was very, very, very, very green. I can't compare to September, as I haven't been there in the fall. Did I say very, very green?

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I've been to Ireland in May and September. You really can't go wrong in either month. May will have more spring flowers and the gardens will be lovely. Mid to late September will have the beginnings of fall colors. Green should be abundant both times.

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@trotter, this is exactly what I was hoping for...a person who had been there in both months.

Thank you to everyone!

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Have been there in every month but July and August. We prefer September it just seems as if the tourist season is winding down and is more peaceful. Just our preference but May is also good. Oh really any month in Ireland is superb.

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Marginally more daylight in April than September. More time to blow out your green receptors.

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I have been to Ireland in May and twice in the fall (once in October and November each). I recommend May. It's fresh and cool, and the grass and flowers are blooming.

However, it's worth going to Ireland any time of the year! I also visited Ireland twice in mid-summer.

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Never been in September, but was there for most of April once. It was very green, but the weather ranged from needing mittens to needing sun tan lotion and almost wishing I had brought my shorts. But mostly it was great weather for a lot of walking as it was mostly moderate temperatures. April would be the shoulder season and less busy.

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In April the weather will be a bit more unsettled than in September, but the countryside in general and the famous gardens (Powerscourt, etc.) in particular will be in full riot, so if that's an important consideration for you then going in the Spring would be preferred.
April is still the shoulder season in Ireland so prices will be a little lower too.
September after the Labor Day weekend in the US will see a marked decrease in the crowds once the American kids are all back at school.
Can't really go wrong either way.