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Anyone want to review our itinerary and give thoughts?

Open to opinions: Not sure if we should stay longer/shorter in areas. We like to be casual but don't want to get bored. Here is the current itinerary:
Arrive Dublin after 5 days in London around 10am- drive to Belfast hang for the afternoon and on to Antrim Coast spending 2 nights in Bushmills.
Drive to Galway- spend 3 nights
Drive to Dingle spend 3 nights
Drive to Dublin spend 4 nights

The only one Im really concerned with is if we should do 3 nights on Antrim coast and 2 nights in Galway.
This is for the last 2 weeks of February with a car... Also, am I missing something with booking a car??? Is it really THAT cheap? Im being quoted like $40 for the whole time. Seems crazy to me.

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Hi Aly,
Your plan sounds great!
2 nights in both Galway and the Antrim Coast is my suggestion.
One place I really enjoyed was Killarney. I'd add a day here. We were only there for the day, but I wish it had been longer. So much hiking to do.
Dingle was fun, I think you'll really enjoy it there. Spent 4 days in Dublin too.

About the car rental, how many days is it? 8? I don't think you'll need a car in Dublin. Public transportation is good. We walked almost everywhere.
We didn't rent a car when we went, but when we were in Scotland, we paid around $200 for a week. I would double check that price just in case.
Have a great adventure!

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Greetings from Ireland

Just a few quick comment.

1 night in Bushmills would be enough in my professional opinion, and then move on to Derry or Donegal for the next night.

And $40 for the car rental for a week or more is definitely a mistake, you'll be looking at paying somewhere in the region of that per day and then you'll have to get your insurance on top of that.

Let me know if you have any specific questions and enjoy my motherland.

Le meas/with respect
Stephen McPhilemy
Rick Steves Ireland Tour-Guide
Dingle and Derry

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I agree that you will not need the car in Dublin so drop it off on your way back in to Dublin. $40 is for sure a mistake...
I agree with a previous poster who said to include Killarney in your itinerary. I would probably do that by dropping Galway to 2 nights.

Have fun!