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Any word on 2022 Ireland trips?

Title pretty much says it all, lol...

My mom and I have been looking at visiting Ireland and am hoping to head there some time in 2022.

I love the details of the 14-day 2021 Ireland trip and am wondering if there is going to be a similar 2022 trip planned?


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It is usually July/August before the next years trips get posted.

So even in normal times its still too early.

Once things are running again I imagine it would be as similar as to 'before' as possible, to reduce how much has to be re-invented.

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Last night Rick said in his Monday Night Travel Event, a weekly Zoom meeting, that he is announcing the 2022 Tours in 2 weeks! Be ready to sign up and make a deposit for the Ireland tour as the demand will be high. The tours will sell out quickly. He also said that there will be February and March departures not just the usual late March and April times.
I’m sure the itinerary for the Ireland tour will be very similar.
Happy travels!

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Thank you both! Will definitely keep a close eye out over the next few weeks.

I'm hoping that there will be another October Ireland trip next year... I don't think I'll be ready for a March/April one unfortunately.

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Thanks for the update, Judy B. I was scheduled for the 14 day Ireland in May 2020. We all know what happened with that. My preference is to go on one of the currently listed October 2021 tours, but it's not seeming likely.

Soooo, I'll be vigilant about the 2022 tours. My Travel Guard trip insurance extended the voucher only until 5/13/2022. I hope I don't end up eating that $600+.

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Good point about Travelguard Ins. I have a voucher but don’t know the expiration date, I will check on this.

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Via email and a phone call with Travel Guard over the past 2 days I've learned that, "you do not need to travel by this [voucher] date, however you will need to book a new trip and purchase a subsequent travel insurance policy using the voucher by this date."

I called this World Service Center at 1.800.826.1300 number and also learned the complicated details of applying my voucher(s). They are similar to buying the insurance the first time. I also learned that it can be transferred to a different tour/trip so long as it is done before the trip/tour starts.

My interpretation of that, verified by the person I talked to, is that I can sign up for the Best of Ireland in 14 Days tour for a date in the summer or fall of 2022. And that if one of the 2 formerly listed 14 Day Ireland tours for late September, early October 2021 does happen, and I can get on it, my insurance can be applied to it.

Yes, it would've been much easier if TG had refunded the money and I could start over, but that's not possible.