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Another Question

First, I want to thank those who have responded to my other questions for my upcoming trip from USA to Ireland. I have another question.....I am traveling in June to Ireland (including Northern) with my 16 year old daughter.She would really like to do an overnight to England if possible .Is there a way we can do this? How does one book something from USA for a trip when the starting point will be either Dublin or Belfast? I have never been to Ireland so I am wanting to know if this is even feasible.We are going to be staying for 2 weeks....

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Hi Kim

you 'can' do an overnight from Ireland to England - I know you can, as I have made several day trips on business in the past (London to Dublin or Belfast and back in 12 hours).

However......I don't recommend that you do that, or even an overnight - reason being that apart from booking the flights etc you will end up with much travelling time and little quality time on the ground. Belfast International airport, Belfast City Airport and Dublin Airport (amongst others, like Knock/Ireland West, Kerry etc) all offer flights to cities in England - London is the obvious destination choice, not least because it is relatively easy to get from the London airports in to see some sights. Nevertheless, I think you will regret both the time wasted and the money spent on what will feel like a rushed visit and at the expense of time spent in Ireland.

Just my two penn'orth though.