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Another help with itinerary for a week using public transportation..

Need help with itinerary suggestions for a week in Ireland. My friend and I are planning to go to Ireland in the Spring - (April). I've been to Ireland on a Rick Steves tour a couple years ago and want to go again.

My friend wants to see Cliffs of Moher and possibly the Aran Islands (weather permitting). I was thinking if we flew into Shannon we could get a bus and stay in Galway or that area for 3 nights.

(We looked into getting a rental car - insurance is so high it isn't worth it).

The 2nd stop we want to go to is Dingle - but with public transportation - having to take 3 buses might not be worth it. (I stayed there on my tour for 3 nights and would like to go back).

I was thinking maybe the 3rd stop could be Kinsale and then fly out of Cork. That would take at least 2 buses to Cork, then we could get a taxi from Cork to Kinsale. - or maybe a place near Shannon - any other suggestions?

Is 3 nights in Galway, 3 nights in Dingle and 2 nights in Kinsale feasible with public transportation or can you give me any other ideas?

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Irish rail is not very effective. Very few rail lines. However, if you search, you can find bus lines to most places to which you want to go.

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Dingle is worth the effort! A number of years ago I took a bus from Tralee out to Dingle (town) and stayed a while. As I recall, There was less bus service on Sunday than on weekdays.

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Cork is a nice city, worth a couple of days at least. It is easy to find traditional music in pubs early in the week. A municipal bus will take you to the historic Jameson whiskey distillery outside the city centre which conducts a handsome tour. And Cork has very good rail connection north to Dublin.

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Why not fly into Dublin, and catch a train to Galway where it will be easy to get a day trip to the Cliffs, or the Aran Islands. Also easy to get a train down to Cork and then the bus to Kinsale. I think Dingle will be difficult by bus, which is why I did a day trip from Killarney, and with only a week you don't want to spend all your time getting to where you are going. I think it's more difficult to get to Killarney from Shannon as I don't think the train does that route, and I think the bus trip required a transfer, but if you get to Killarney you can also get the train to Cork, then bus to Kinsale, bus back to Cork, train to Galway. I did this myself several years ago.

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Adding to what Anita said. I think there are buses that go from the Dublin Airport to Galway. You wouldn't have to go into Dublin to catch a train. It's about a 3 hr ride.

Public transportation in Ireland needs to be carefully researched in advance. Bus service isn't every day to many places. It isn't designed to get to the tourist sights. You can expect to trade time for the the cost of not renting a car. I believe you will find Dingle particularly challenging. You could consider renting a car for the Dingle part of your trip.

On the plus side, there are day tours out of Galway to the Cliffs, Aran Islands, the Burren and Connemara.