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Amazon Prime to Ireland from USA

Hello all, my family will be going to Ireland in two weeks :) We are traveling with our two children (3 years old and 7 months old).

We want to purchase a Pack'N Play for our little one. Do you know if Amazon Prime Members can ship to Ireland? We would ship our item(s) to our first stop in Dingle.


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You might have to login to the Amazon UK site and order it through them. Also check to make sure your first stop will accept the package.

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I hope to do something similar when we travel to England later this year. I plan to have the items delivered to an Amazon locker near the airport. They will keep the package in the locker for up to 3 days.

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I doubt that Prime offers free shipping from the US to Ireland for goods ordered on, the US site.

But when we were in London for three weeks I ordered a number of things from, including baby items. I logged in with my regular login, and my Prime membership was recognized, so shipping was free, and fast.

Apparently does serve Ireland as well, even though it is not part of the U.K. You will pay in £.

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Fellow Tar Heel Traveler myself...

You’re making this too complicated. Order from, not

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Have you checked with the places that you are staying? Many of the places that we stayed along the way had baby items!

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I agree that Amazon's UK site will work with your US Amazon membership, at least it did for my daughter when she was studying abroad in England. The Amazon lockers are also a useful way to get a package, but watch out for how many days they will keep a delivery before Amazon takes it back. The Amazon site will show you locations of available lockers by area.

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Thanks for the info again!
I just ordered a few items, via Amazon UK, using my Amazon Prime Membership. It was very simple, and the items are being shipped to our bed & breakfast in Dingle. I wanted to buy in Ireland, but I could not find a store to accommodate our needs in Dingle. Also, Trallee has a baby / child store, but our flight is very early, and the store does not open until 9:00 a.m.

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I just ordered a few items, via Amazon UK, using my Amazon Prime Membership.

That's interesting, I couldn't use my UK Prime membership in the US recently, I had to sign up for a separate Prime account. I could use my Amzon account fine but it wouldn't allow me the to use the benefits of my Prime membership.