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Alternative Modes of Transportation

I'm flying into Dublin on the 19th for a couple of weeks. Most of my trip itinerary is coordinated around the extensive bus routes in country. At this time there's been an on going bus strike and from what I've read it doesn't sound as if the two sides may be reaching an agreement soon.

If the strike is in effect while I'm there I'll either need to revamp my itinerary entirely and stick to places accessible by train or find alternative forms of transportation. Renting a car isn't a feasible option for me - it's a bit expensive for one person to rent an automatic - on top of that I do not enjoy driving at all. Are there any other forms of transportation Irish or car averse tourists utilize to get around the country? I'm visiting Killarney, Dingle, Galway and Donegal before heading into Northern Ireland.

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Here is the thing, the national bus service, Dublin Bus and the trains are all served by the same unions, so don't count on anyone of them not being impacted by the others.

I'd suggest doing some research on the private bus services as set out here. Also hackney cars, hitching, bicycles... or the Irish reliable Shanks' mare.

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Thanks all for the suggestions. I hope both sides come to an agreement soon for the sake of the drivers and those who depend on the buses. The news doesn't look promising since they will continue to strike even after talks start and they have drawn in school bus drivers. Your suggestions will help me with a plan B if the strike continues into mid-April.

The rail site indicates that rail services are not being disrupted by the bus strike so with all of your suggestions I am sure I can get where I want to go with sight adjustments to my travel plans.

Thanks again!