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Any experience with Iceland Air, they are not particularly well rated in most airline systems.

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Works fine and plane gets turned around quickly/efficiently in Reykjavik (small airport @ Keflavik). Bring your own food onboard.

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I've flown Iceland Air for two round trips. I don't have any issues with them. Planes are long aluminum tubes that passengers are stuffed into. Iceland Air is no more, or less, packed than other planes.

I prefer the least amount of flying duration as possible. If you have to make a connection, Reykjavik is likely the best place to make a change (I also flew two round trips on Wow). The time on the ground is short plus you get your Schengen passport stamp there in no time (my wait has never been more than a couple minutes) and can then go straight to ground transportation when you land in Europe (if you're flying to a Schengen country).

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Ken, what are the other choices you have? Its all relative.

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We flew Icelandair to and from Germany and had no problems at all. It wasn't the most comfortable flight but most airlines aren't comfortable anymore. The flight attendants were very friendly. We had to purchase the food, which wasn't bad, and we saved a lot of money flying with them.

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If you are going to Ireland, I would recommend Aer Lingus. They don't fly from a lot of US cities, but I am lucky as they do fly from LAX. Their business class is reasonable and that is an experience not to be missed.

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Just flew them. Their 757 fleet is newer and in much better condition than the 757s of American Airlines, and they have real seatback entertainment systems, but you will need your own earphones or have to buy them.

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I flew Iceland Air to London and back in April. It was an excellent experience. They were efficient and I was able to purchase "extra legroom seats" for a bit more. That legroom means a great deal to me. I wouldn't eat their food which did look a little sad, but bring something on the plane with you or eat just before you depart.

I've flown American, Air France, British Air, and KLM long haul trans atlantic as well as Iceland Air. I didn't feel like Iceland Air offerred me anything less than the others. I arrived on time and in good shape.