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airfare and airline companies

we are traveling from LAS to DUB or SNN in September. I am seeing tons of cheap fares via Cheap Flight, Cheap Fares, Kayak, etc. We have never used any of these flights, sticking to dealing with United/Delta directly. Any imput regarding buying flights? Also are flights cheaper later spring/summer for Sept travel?

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These are OK sites for finding fares. I always book directly with the airline after one horrendous experience with Cheapo tickets.

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I agree, use Kayak to look for the flights you want, and make a note of them. Then close your browser and go to the actual airline website to make your purchase. The reason I say to close your browser is that if you click through, you can end up inadvertently booking through a third party, which can be a pain if you need to contact the airline for anything from a special in-flight meal to lost luggage to you name it.

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While I think that sites such as Expedia and Travelocity are safe enough for booking airfare, I'd hesitate to do so. If there are any changes to be made, any problems with the ticket, then you're stuck having to deal with the travel agency instead of the airline.

Your safest bet is to always book directly with the airline.

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Had a family member who was going to take a $900 major airline roundtrip flight from Dallas. Instead she got a cheap flight from Dallas to NY $149 roundtrip......then a $30 bus ride from New York City to Poughkeepsie and got a Norwegian Air Roundtrip ticket for $270 to Shannon. Total cost $450 and really not a hassle. Saving $450 was well worth it.

Would always deal directly with the airline though. If you have a problem it is a major hassle least in our experience.

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I'm using Google Flights and Skyskanner to track prices for our July to September trip. When I'm ready, I'll head to the Delta or Airfrance site to book.

I've set a price in my head that I want to get, and when I see it or get close to it, I'm going for it. You'll note that the prices go up and they go down.

Last year, I saw our flight go down to the price I was looking for, I waited too long, and then it went back up!