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air in the pubs

First time trip to Ireland this July for 3 weeks. Very much looking forward to the pub scene...including the people, food, and beer.

Question... how's the air inside? Since Ireland is in EU I assume smoking has been banned inside. But I know this may or may not be enforced by small town pub owners. Anybody been recently that could comment on this? Hopefully air is clean and we will be able to enjoy the pub scene without damaging our lungs too badly.

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No smoking in pubs, but I have found this occasionally in Germany, in Rothenburg of all places. One was in the afternoon, where there was just 2 locals and the bartender in the place. We could have just moved on if it bothered us. The second was late in the evening, just a few locals and another American couple in the bar. Most of the conversation was in English, and after midnight, the bartender asked all the patrons if she could "turn on the smoking light". We did not object, so everyone but us immediately lit up. Kind a took me back to the good old days when bars were dens of iniquity, and we loved it.

So I would say if you go into a pub where there is smoking going on, just move on. It probably isn't the only pub in town, and maybe not the most popular one.

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My wife and I were in Ireland for two weeks during the first half of May 2016, no issues with smoking in pubs. (As in we witnessed no smoking in pubs). Even back in 2002 it was not oppressive or anything, but everyone has their own tolerance level.

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The last time I was in Ireland they had just instituted the smoking ban in pubs. I'm pretty sensitive to cigarette smoke and it didn't bother me when in the pub. What I found horrible to deal with was the crowds (of smokers) and clouds (of smoke) around the pub entrances. I don't know if they have now made the smokers move farther from the entrance but back then, I had to hold my breath going in and out. It was new then and the smokers were quite resentful and loved to blow smoke in the faces of people going in and out, hope that's no longer the case. It's been a long time now so I'm sure they are more accepting of the ban.

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Ireland was actually the first EU country to introduce a blanket ban on smoking in the workplace. Irish pubs, clubs and restaurants have been smokeless since March of 2004.

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Even in the smallest town with the smallest pubs in Ireland we did not encounter any smoking indoors during regular business hours.

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It is fairly simple - any publican who permits smoking in this bar can loose his licence. And the ban is strictly enforced, so it is not worth the risk.