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Flying into Dublin and driving to Limerick to spend 2 nights. 1st full day - Cliffs of Moher, The Burren, Poulnaborne Dolman; 2nd day - drive to Castletownsend through Dingle and Killarney (long day); 3rd - Berea Penisula; 4th - visit friends; 5th - drive to Athy through Cashel; 6th - Powerscourt, Glendalough, Wicklow; 7th - visit friends; and 8th - fly home.

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Honestly way too busy for me. The driving load is intense and the majority of time you'll be in a car whizzing by incredible scenery, sights and things worthy of looking at. Days 2 and 6 are not long days they are LOOONG days. Wouldn't stay in Killarney .....tourist overrun.....many better options....Rick has it on his top ten tourist traps.

Would not advise flying through Dingle, touching the Ring of Kerry and then doing Beara in a two day period. Each one of those is worth multiple days each in their own right. With limited time I'd pick one and explore it.....spend time out of the car and experience Ireland more directly.

We ran around Ireland on our first trip trying to see as much as possible and it was pretty unrewarding and we sure didn't feel a good connection. That changed when we slowed the pace and lingered and explored an area.....So fun. Trying to cram a lot in is usually very counterproductive.

Also remember if you're basing your expectations at all on driving times from an app......they are wildly optimistic. If it says it's a two hour drive it will most likely be a three hour trek.

Anyway....Just one take on things. Ireland is fantastic. Hope you have a good trip !!

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Yikes! No way would I do this itinerary. If you have one week, then plan on three bases with two night stays minimum.
Agree with ewewoolknit. Slow down! Otherwise you are so busy getting from one destination to the next, that you really miss most of it!
If you are flying into and out of Dublin and you only have one week then head either north or south. I would not try to get to the west coast of Ireland in that short of time. You can come back and do that later, when you can fly into and out of Shannon airport.
Anyways, good luck with your trip!

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Thanks for the feedback. But I am a little confused. I only have 3 bases - 2 nights in Limerick, 3 nights in Castle haven and 3 nights in Athy. I have dropped Powers court and Dingle. I was never staying in Killarney only driving through the park. What else would you get rid of? Thanks for your help!