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age restrictions in pubs?

We will be traveling in July with our two teens, 18 & 16. My understanding is that 18 is the legal drinking age (much to my 18 year old's delight!) But are there any restrictions with 16 year olds (or underage) in any pubs or bars? Here in Washington state you cannot go in to a bar if you are under 21. Thanks in advance!

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Your 16 year old is considered a child in Ireland. You as a parent or gardian would need to be in the pub with your child. And depending on season, pubs have a curfew time and your child would need to be removed by 9 pm (10 pm during the summer).

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Thanks for the reply and information! Even though each country (each state in the US for that matter) has drinking age restrictions that you can find online, it's difficult to research how much each culture adheres to their rules/laws as we found out on our trip to Italy last summer. :-)

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We had no trouble with our younger teenage kids in tow at pubs on the early end of the evening. No one asked for id/ages of the kids. If you eat, drink, and enjoy some music you should be fine.