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aer lingus vacation packages

Does anyone have any experience with aer lingues bed and breakfast packages air fae, care and B&B vouchers, it is a good price. I am not sure about what choices of B&B will be available. Can anyone offer any help

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We recently had conversations about this with our B&B hosts. None of the places we stayed at accept them as the reimbursement is far less than than their normal pricing. We have found it easy to book with the B&Bs directly. We used vouchers once many years ago but would not do it again.

Try pricing your airfare, car and accommodations on your own and compare the figures to the cost of the package. I doubt you will see much in the way of savings.

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We were told the same thing many years ago. Book them on your own.

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If you're coming off season, I talk to many a tourist that uses them, and the Groupon deal, with no problems. They rave about it. But not during summer season.

If you book directly it saves the B&B the 15% commission to and TripAdvisor and all the other sites. Do you viewing on the sites, then call. EVEN IF THEY SHOW SOLD OUT. My neighbor's guest house has 7 rooms but she only have 5 on

These B&B's are small businesses.... 15% fees hurt. Call direct or send an email!

Expat living in Waterville

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Thank You very much for the input. I was leaning against the use of vouchers as it seemed to be counterproductive for the B&B owners