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Aer Lingus ticket experience!!

Watched price of rt Boston to Shannon late Sept. daily at $955 per ticket and then up to $978...
Then about $ 300 over to Ireland and about $ 600 return...
Then dropped to $ 693 where we booked!!
According to seat choices we were about the 7th and 8th passengers to pick our seats on a 757!

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We booked last week Toronto to Dublin. It had been hovering at around 792, and we booked when it popped up to 808. Acceptable - but of course I checked on the weekend and it was down $50. Oh well, just glad I am on that plane!! There were more seats spoken for than I would have expected, but still lots left.

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We also watched fares from Portland, OR (pdx) and grabbed a great deal on Aer Lingus last week for $835/ea. Be aware, these are a class ticket that don't accrue frequent flyer miles. Still such a great deal, it's a better deal that getting miles.

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I have been monitoring the airfares to Dublin for late summer/early fall and they are, currently, significantly higher than what I paid for an early October visit there last year. I paid about $680 RT and booked my flights in late May.

I wonder (hope?) that airfares for the early fall might drop over the next few weeks such that we might see $700 or so (depending on where you depart from in the USA), so I'm going to be patient and take my chances.

Dan, you got a great deal if you already found a $693 fare!!