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Aer lingus personal items

We are flying Aer Lingus to Manchester via Dublin and I notice their personal item size is quite a bit smaller than other airlines such as BA and TAP who we will also be traveling on. Aer Lingus states personal item no larger than 10 x 13 x 8.
I had planned to bring my backpack but even my small day pack does not meet this specification. Has anyone recently traveled on the A330-200 transatlantic?
I am wondering how strict this size limit is. Will my standard size laptop backpack really not fit under the seat?
I gather some seats have a box underneath them for the in flight entertainment. We are sitting on the 2 seat side of the aircraft. Anyone got any input for me? Thank you in advance.

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I took 4 Aer Lingus flights this spring and didn’t notice gate agents examining backpacks at any of the airports. In SEA and FCO (and probably many of the less busy Aer Lingus cities) the airport staff are contractors and none seemed super interested to go out of their way to do anything more than what was needed to get the plane off. That’s not to say it couldn’t happen, of course, but perhaps less likely. We also checked our larger suitcases so we only had the one item each, which could also be a workaround for your situation.

One unusual thing to note is Aer Lingus does not allow under-seat storage at the exit rows. So if you’re in an exit row everything needs to go up.

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In 2017, I flew Aer Lingus. I was pulling out my hair trying to find a personal item that fit those measurements.

Nobody at any of the airports was the least bit interested in my personal item. I think if you don't blatantly flaunt something oversized, you should be OK.

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Flew Aer Lingus last month and had the same experience as the above posters. No checking.