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Aer Lingus - No "rucksacks" rule

We were planning to carry backpacks as our personal items on our upcoming Aer Lingus flight to Ireland. I happened to watch the video on their website and a reference was briefly made to "no rucksacks allowed" as personal items. I assume that would refer to what we would call a backpack. I have emailed Aer Lingus for confirmation. Any thoughts? Many thanks.

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We took Aer Lingus to Dublin in October and both my friend and her husband had backpacks for their carry on and had no problems but maybe that is something new. I Googled rucksack and you're right that it's a backpack.

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I haven't gotten much luck getting a response when I've emailed an airline. If that is the case for you, reach out to Aer Lingus on Facebook and/or Twitter. Social media is a GREAT means of getting quicker answers from airlines than email.

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..."no rucksacks allowed" as personal items.
Emphasis on "personal "

Plus one small personal item: Small handbag, laptop, duty free or baby
changing bag. Max size 25cm H (10") x 33cm W (13") x 20cm D (8")

A backpack would be permitted as your main carry on provided it meets weight and size limits:

Max weight 10kg (22lb) Max size 55cm H (21.5") x 40cm W (15.5") x 24cm
D (9.5")

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A rucksack can be a full-size backback -- the type used for week-long trips out in the wilderness. This would be too large to qualify as a personal item. A small backpack -- what we used to call a day pack -- is fine, I have taken it on Aer Lingus probably 4 times without incident.

BTW, the word "ruck" means "back" in German.