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8 day itinerary

My family of 5 are going to arrive in Dublin in a split group, 3 of us on 29 July and 2 on 1 Aug. We have to fly out of Dublin on 10 August. I think we would like to get to Belfast for a day, then go counter clockwise around the island. I am looking for suggestions on things we can't miss. My family consists of 2 18 year old boys and a 14 year old girl as well as my husband and I. Thank you for any suggestions you might have!

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What are your interests? What interests your kids? They should be involved in coming up with some things they might like to see.

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I have a 17 YO and a 22YO, so I will "assume" they are similar to yours. (Dangerous, I know). While we have not been everywhere in Ireland (yet!) here are our favorites so far:
Cliffs of Moher
Dingle, including Slea Head Drive, Gallarus Oratory, Conor Pass, and a lot of time in the village itself. Pubs at night for music and just fun.
Aran Islands
Killarney National Park
Ring of Kerry (but not necessary if you do Dingle Peninsula)
Kilkenny area
Dublin (Kilmainham, Book of Kells and Long Room, Chester Beatty Library, National Gallery)

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Chani, we are driving. I was thinking I would rent a car after we are done in Dublin, I didn't think we would need or want it there!
Nancy, we have looked at all the guide books, and we have all spent time thinking about what we want to do, but it is rather hard since none of us has been there!
SherrieF Thank you! That is exactly what I was looking for!

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If anyone in the family is a Star Wars fan, a trip to Skellig Michael might be a treat (actually, it's quite spectacular even without the allure of the Star Wars connection). Just be sure to check ahead to make sure they aren't filming when you'll be in the area as you won't be able to get to the island. Dingle is a great little town and the Slea Head drive shouldn't be missed--there's lots to see along the way and the scenery is lovely. New Grange, north of Dublin, is also an amazing spot. FYI Bru na Boinne (where New Grange is located) and Skellig Michael are Ireland's two World Heritage sites. In Belfast I think the whole family would probably enjoy the Titanic Museum.

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I understand the indecision, but what kinds of things are you interested in - history, shopping, nature, sports activities, cultural events, cities, fishing, golf? We can make better suggestions if we had some idea of what might appeal.