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7 day trip to Ireland

I modified Rick's itinerary below - does it seem reasonable? trying to get a rough idea of plans to start planning hotel's. b&bs and rental cars. quite a few of hotels in dublin are already booked in June. We are planning on arriving in Dublin on either June 8, 2019 or June 15, 2019.
Day 1: Fly into Dublin (sleep in Dublin)
Day 2: Dublin (sleep in Dublin)
Day 3: Dublin (sleep in Dublin)
Day 4: Kinsale (sleep in Kinsale)
Day 5: Ring of Kerry (sleep in Dingle)
Day 6: Dingle Peninsula Loop & Blasket Island, Dingle town (sleep in Dingle)
Day 7: Cliffs of Moher, the Burren, Dunguaire Castle banquet (sleep in Galway)
Day 8: Aran Islands (sleep in Galway)
Day 9: Return car - daughter flies home to US from Shannon airport and hubby and I fly to scotland from Shannon airport

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You are renting a car yes?
IMHO you are moving around too much. It is tempting to fit in a lot, but this itinerary has A LOT of driving and not enough experiencing Ireland.

We went to Ireland for our second visit this past August and we flew in and out of Shannon. We stayed the whole time in county Kerry! 3 nights in Dingle and 3 nights in Agrahdoe (Killarney area) and then 1 night at Shannon airport location for early am fly out. I think it was perfect amount of driving time. ROK takes a full day and you have it on a day when you are already driving from Kinsale and then your going yo drive to Dingle??? Just no.

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Second Diveloonie. Excellent advice - way too much want to experience Ireland not a car. Also to consider drive times are notoriously off on apps. If it says 3 hrs's 4+.......and those drive times don't factor in stops. Irish roads while fun, I LOVE driving there, do require attention so the driver, if they wish to live, aren't going to be able to sight see.

Many things can be skipped. For example why do you want to see the Cliffs of Moher ? Because they are on some must see lists or is it because you want to see beautiful windswept cliffs so often shown. Moher IS beautiful. It's also clogged with tourists, tour buses, tacky gift shops and a mini strip mall built into its landward side. It's hectic..........instead you'll be on the ROK.....go to the equally if not more beautiful Cliffs of Kerry on the Skellig Ring. No tourist hoards, insane beauty and its right there and you save a pointless 3+ hour drive you can use to say take an Eco cruise to Skellig Michael, or visit ancient ring forts, castle ruins, linger in the incredible small towns in Kerry.

You have a great chance to experience Ireland but you have severely limited time. In Ireland less is more. In a car you won't be able to pause and interact with locals......which is one of the most important things in visiting Ireland....the people are incredibly warm, genuine, down to earth, funny and welcoming. We aren't outgoing but if not rat racing all over trying to see the next thing have endless incredible experiences with the locals and discovering things ourselves. Magic is around every corner if your not flying by at 50mph.

Personally I'd skip Dublin and fly in and out of Shannon if possible to maximize time and centralize location. Skip the massive driving.....Kinsale, Galway, Moher and the Arans is just too much. Concentrate on Dingle, the ROK/Skellig Ring and maybe one other location. If you have to go through and stay in Dublin, minimize city time and do day trips to Glendalough/Wicklow Mountains and Newgrange.

Bottom line - the goal should be to experience's people, culture, history and scenery. It just can't be done well driving non stop to tick off items on an itinerary trying to jam multipke things in. You can't see Ireland in 7 days and trying to means you miss experiencing it pretty much altogether. Please cut way way back.....pick 2-3 fairly close things to see and linger, enjoy, explore and experience one of the best places on the planet !

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I agree - you're spreading yourselves way too thin by trying to see everything.
Slow it down and concentrate on one area to keep from running yourselves ragged and missing the whole point of going to Ireland in the first place.
There's plenty to keep you busy in and around Kerry. While Galway and Connemara are terrific they're really outliers here and can easily be deleted from an overcrowded itinerary. Likewise Dublin - better to arrange your flights into and out of Shannon to save a day's driving getting from one side of the island to the other. Though Ireland has developed several modern and efficient Motorways in recent years thanks to EU investment, traffic tends to slow down considerably once you exit one of them and strike out on one of the National (N) roads.
Agree with the others - save yourselves a bit of aggravation by retooling your itinerary and saving the other areas for another trip.