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6 Layover in Dublin - trying to decide where to go!

Hello All,

I have a 6:30 hours layover in Dublin (SEA-DUB-12:30 -> DUB-FAO-19:05 - Sept 22, 2018 - 2 travelers). I was thinking of paying to stay in a lounge (which would cost from $35-45 each ticket for 3 hours), but I am not finding them very attractive. So, any suggestions on where to spend the 3- hrs (considering leaving the airport at 1:30 PM - returning 4:30 PM)? So far, Malahide seems to be the most suggested place to spend these few hours without feeling rushed (from reading information in several sites). Any suggestions on where to go, and what to do and where to eat once there will be much appreciated!! Thank you!!

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The question is whether your luggage is going to be checked through to FAO? If you will be without luggage, I would suggest getting on a city bus downtown and go find a lively pub. I really didn't find the city very interesting otherwise. You wouldn't have much of a problem finding food as their food is palatable for North Americans' tastes.
The bus ride is hardly 15-20 minutes.

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Thank you for your suggestion David :-)! The time we set aside already count with the time spent on leaving the luggage at the airport. I am between a trip to town (temple bar area maybe) or a trip to Malahide (suggested by many sites). I am wondering if we take a cab to and from the city (I am already aware of the different bus options), how easily it is to catch a cab back to the airport.