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6 days in Ireland by bus / Train

I have my flight into and out of Dublin. My husband and I are mainly city travelers even though we appreciate the country and the beauty we don't like to spend too much time there. I like to call us city hikers. We walk a ton but love seeing architecture, talking to people, eating and the history of Europe. We will be taking a bus and train and I'm trying to figure out the best use of our time and the cities we stay in longer. Below is what I have but I'm trying to decide which cities we stay in longer and if we just tour those cities or do short day trips from there. I don't have anything book except flight. We will be tired the first day that is why I figured Kikenny is the best place to start. Which cities would you spend longer in?

Sunday Overnight Flight arrive Monday at 10:40a.m.
Monday night/Day 1 Kilkenny - 2 hr 7 min- Bus
Tues Night/Day 2 Cork 2 hr 30 min bus
Wed Night/Day 3 Galway 3 hr bus
Thurs Night - Dublin
Friday Night
Sat Night
Sun Leave

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I am trying to figure out exactly what you have in mind. Given that you will travel by bus or train, there is nothing wrong with any of these locations. But you only have 1/2 day in all but Dublin. So day trips are not even possible. By the time you get to the station, take bus or train, get to your hotel, check in - a full morning or afternoon is gone. Most of your routes to and from will be via motorways, which are nice but not necessarily a sightseeing event in and of themselves.

Destinations are a personal and logistical choice - but I would really suggest that if you choose them, you spend at least 2 nights there in order to have one full day. Which might also depend somewhat on when you are going, but choosing only one of your options, my choice for extra time would be Galway.

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Thank you for your reply. I was giving myself and idea of how long it takes to get to the different places. I can change the days I am staying in each place.

Which cities would you recommend you stay longer in? Is there one you would cut out? My husband really wants to see Cork so it is a must. I have not read very promising reviews on Cork though. Is Cobn better to stay and go to visit Cork? I can cut out a city but we honestly get a bit bored if we are in the same city for too long. We get up early and walk a ton so we seem to see quite a bit of a city during the day.

I have also read Aran Islands is a nice place to go from Galway so maybe Galway is the place to stay longer?

I want to end in Dublin seeing that is where we are flying out of.

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Lots of people seem to not recommend Cork and I only spent a short time there. But it seemed like an interesting place for more time than I had (more time than you). And you DID specify “city”, so it is definitely that. Cobh is more of a village. But gorgeous.

But if Cork is a “must” then truthfully, I would cut the one night in Galway and add it to Cork. From Cork, you could see Cobh also if you want. You would also potentially be able to spend a little more time in Kilkenny that way (depending on bus times).

I understand the desire to head all over for a small taste. Ireland is gorgeous. And in my opinion, the best parts are the “nature” parts and the village parts. But a 3 hour bus trip to Galway just to have a few hours there and sleep there isn’t appealing to me and doesn’t seem like a good use of your time. In 6 nights, you definitely can’t see it all, so enjoy the parts you CAN get to!

Edit* Maybe you have longer than 6 nights! If so, add a night to Cork and a night to Galway both! That would give you a full day in each.

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Good Idea. I may have to cut out Kilkenny and go right to Cork so I spend two night in Cork, 2 nights in Galway and 2 Nights in Dublin. That way I can day trip to aran island and cobh which are close enough to the two cities.