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6 Days In December...

Hey, all. This is a great site, I hope to find a ton of information to make my first cross-ocean trip fantastic.

I'll be going to Ireland in early December, which I know might limit my options for things to do. Many of the recommendations listed on the site seem to focus on spring/summer/fall activities, so I'm wondering what changes someone would make when things cool down and many areas close for the season.

The initial plan is to spend 3 days in Dublin and 3 days out in the country. Where in the country, however, is something I'm hoping to find some help on, especially since so many of the most popular destinations are seaside.

How bad does seaside get that time of year? Should we stay inland? We're both from the northern US, so general temperatures aren't going to be a bother. We're just more concerned about, you know, biting winds and such.

Ideas about great December destinations?

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Guess I'd do a review of Ireland December weather to see the history. I've traveled in mid November and had one day of rain and gloom with the remaining 6 grey in the morning with sun mid day. Remember you'll start seeing the sun go down around 4pm there in December. The island will be quiet, many B and B's closed, some restaurants, and hours cut back at some establishments but you' ll find cheaper rates. I'd visit Eire in December in a minute. Merely take the time to research which "sites" you wish to visit are open during your travel dates and plan accordingly. Experiencing the gorgeous natural beauty of Ireland is free.

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We were in Dublin in September last year for three nights and got rained on twice. Real actual rain, too-not showers or sprinkles. The wind at the Cliffs of Moher nearly blew me over, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. I would have loved to have been there in December too, when there would not be so many other tourists to contend with; Ireland's raw natural beauty is its greatest asset.
Dress in layers, bring a very effective waterproof outer shell, be strategic with sightseeing and don't try to see too much in one trip. Don't stay inland just because of weather. There's rain and wind there, too.
With six days I'd probably choose 2 Dublin and 4 elsewhere. Perhaps flying into Shannon, drive south (Cliffs, Dingle Peninsula) then loop around back to Dublin, fly home from there.
Have a great trip!

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We spent 8 days last year the last week of November. Previous advice is correct - you have daylight from 8:30 - 4. We only had parts of sunny days twice - very cloudy and rainy. I would also say 2 days in Dublin is more than enough and then I would head straight to the west coast. Maybe a stop at the Rock of Cashel on the way to Dingle (couple of days) and then north to the Cliffs of Moher and The Burren for a day and then fly out of Shannon. If you had more time, I would recommend Clifden - about an hour from Galway. My two favorite spots are Donegal and Dingle. Absolutely love the west coast.