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48 Hours in Limerick


I have 48 hours in the Limerick area. I'm arriving at 6am and am looking for some suggestions on what to see or do. I was thinking about taking the bus to Galway or the train to Cork. Maybe both if that is reasonable to try. I don't have any real agenda for my time there but, would like to get some decent souvenirs to bring home so finding some nice shops would be good. I won't have a rental car so I'm either hoofing it or taking a taxi/Uber for local stuff. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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With just 48 hours, I wouldn't try to visit two different cities. Galway is popular with travelers; it has a lot going on.

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If you're a fan of the writings Frank McCourt ("Angela's Ashes", etc) there's a very nice museum in Limerick located at the site of the old Leamy School, which figures prominently in the book. Believe there's also a walking tour of the area where he grew up.
Failing that, there are several other points of interest in Limerick that might be of interest. Check the "things to do" pull down menu for ideas.
I agree that with such limited time at your disposal you're better off picking one or the other of your alternatives or, maybe better yet, just booking an organized tour that originates in Limerick that goes to the Cliffs, the Burren, and/or other areas of interest...might be the best use of your time.